Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another night at L&D...

So it all started around 6pm i started getting contractions about 7 minutes apart. and by 8 pm they were every 3-4 minutes. So i call my dad and see if he can watch DJ while we go to the hospital and he said yeah. By 8 pm we were heading over to my dads and then to L&D.

We get to L&D around 8:30 and they get all my info and get me into a room. They hook me up to the monitors and the contractions are coming every 3 minutes, and they are pretty strong. She checks me and i am still at 2 cm but I'm 50% effaced. She asks me all these questions and i keep having to tell her to hold on cause the contractions are coming on so strong lol. She then goes and calls my Dr and she comes back and tells me that my Dr said to send me home ;( i was so upset. I started crying hysterically, I'm so ready for this little girl to be here and the nurse is trying to calm me down and she said that my stage of labor is somewhere between a rock and a hard place. i just wish my cervix would have changed a little more. my cervix never changed with my son it took me 11 hours to go from 3 cm to 4 cm.

She brought in this orange mixed drink and said i have to drink it all because when i came in i was dehydrated and i could barely give them a urine sample. so she leaves the room cause they need to monitor the baby for another 15-20 minutes. While she was gone the contractions came on very strong and about 2 minutes apart. So after the 20 minutes of watching the baby, there is still no change in my cervix. So they send me home...

I'm so ready for this little girl to be here but i don't think shes ready. So starting at around 36 1/2 weeks i will try some methods to get her out!!!

wish me luck!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

35 weeks!!!!

today i am 35 weeks and im so ready to have our little girl here!!!



DJ's 1st Birthday Party!

we had a great time today and had a great turn out! DJ had so much fun with all his friends and auntie! He is still not to sure about dennis and uncle andrew, but its okay he will come around! My dad BBQ'd Tri-Tip and we made sandwiches and by the time everyone was done eating there was maybe a few strips left, he bought 3 big slabs. DJ got a lot of goodies, clothes, toys, movies, and a Radio Flyer Wagon!
here are a few pics..

all of the kids playing

andrew, dave, melissa, and dennis watching the soccer game.

Isaiah and DJ

Playing outside in the sprinkler.

DJ's Birthday Cake

Yummy Cake!

okay mommy im done...

all tired out. first nap of the day... 6 pm!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Grandparents are with me :)

Let me give you a background first....

The house that my dad lives in used to be my grandparents, they passed away in 99' & 00' and my dad had first offer on the house, so my dad bought the house. we hear things all the time around the house and its comforting to know that they are here with us. they both died in the house and they always find a way of saying hi or letting me/us know that they are here.

When i was pregnant with dj i had a dream that i was at my baby shower and they walked in and i ran to them and they said that they were proud of me and that they loved me so much. and that our little boy is handsome! (im getting teary-eyed NOW) well i guess i started crying uncontrollably and dave had to physically shake me to wake me up because i was crying so bad. so after that i knew that they are with me.

Well YESTERDAY dj and i were at my dads and the doorbell rang, i get up to go see who it is and NO ONE IS THERE!!!! i walk outside and there is no one anywhere. so i come back in and my first thought was "my grandparents" i think that they were saying happy birthday to dj in a way... KWIM! so when my dad got home from work i told him about it and aparently the doorbell is BROKE! we were pushing on the button and nothing was working. and we go over to the plug and that is broken too! (the doorbell chime is a plug in) so all of us were kinda creeped out but then were happy that they are still around!

okay how wierd is that!!!!!

i love you grandma and papa :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


OMG i cant believe my little boy is 1 today!!! it is so surreal! it seems like just yesterday i was holding you in my arms at the hospital...


and now look at you!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Please Pray for my friends that are in flooded areas...

i have some friends that are dealing with the floods in the midwest. if you can plese keep them in your prayers that would be great!

one of my friends said that on odd days people with odd numbered addresses can shower, do laundry, dishes, etc and even with even.

so please keep them in your prayers. they are all pregnant and due in august. so they need the prayers!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Practicing for the REAL DEAL on Wednesday!!!

Since DJ will be ONE on wednesday i thought we would start the practice cupcakes... lol he was so funny with it! at first he didnt know what it was but once that frosting hit his lips it was all over!!! i cant believe he will be one in 3 days.. my little boy will be a TODDLER!!!

here are a few pics!







i cant believe it!!! we are going to see reagan soon!!

i feel like she will want to make her appearence on 4th of july... i keep having dreams that we have to stop the fireworks to go to the hospital and have her... LMAO!!!

so we might have an "independent baby" lol

Family Reunion in Winters...

We went to a family reunion yesterday, and it has been atleast 9+ years since we last went. the last time we went to winters for a reunion was before my grandparents passed away and they passed in 99' and 00'. So everyone was surprised to see that i was married and have kid(s). Everyone couldnt get over how much dj looked like my grandpa and our cousin glenn. My dad was saying that all of the kids i played with when we would go, they all are married and have kids of there own too! it was really neat to see everyone after such a long time away. here are some pics of dj at the reunion... he played for 4 hours!!!








Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Fun Adventure to L&D... 11am-4pm

So for the past few days i have had contractions and braxton hicks and this morning they started to come 5-7 minutes apart and i had 7 within the hour. so i call my dr and they tell me to go to L&D, so i call dave at work and tell him that i have to go to the hospital. I tried to call my sister to watch dj so dave didnt have to take any time off but she was in class. so dave picks me up and were off to the hospital. So when i get there some of the nurses remembered me from 3 weeks ago and they wisk me to a room. we get hooked up to the monitors and the contractions started to come every 3 minutes then die down to every 5 minutes then go back to 3. They were trying to get ahold of my doctor to see what he wants the nurses to do but he had left early for the day and he was in Pebble Beach golfing... LMAO! so i get one of the on call nurses.

After being there for 2 hours they give me the Fetal Fibronectin swab to see if i will be delivering within the next two weeks so 2 hours later we get the results and they are negative, which is great! while we were waiting they checked me and i am still at 2cm and thick. So the contractions start to subside and they say that i get to go home!!! The bad news is that i have to go back on Bedrest ;(

DJ Didnt want to get down, he wanted to lay in the bed with me :)


Fetal fibronectin (fFN) is a protein produced by fetal cells and a type of fibronectin. fFN is found at the interface of the chorion and the decidua (between the fetal sack and the uterine lining).
It can be thought of as an adhesive or "biological glue" that binds the fetal sack to the uterine lining. Fetal fibronectin "leaks" into the vagina if a preterm delivery is likely to occur and can be measured in a diagnostic test.[1]
It is an excellent biological marker of premature (preterm) delivery; a delivery before 37 weeks of gestation.
When the fFN test is considered positive, delivery is likely to occur soon. When the fFN test is negative, it means that there is little if any danger of preterm labour for 7-10 days. The test is easily performed. A specimen is collected from the patient using a vaginal swab. The swab is placed in a transport tube and sent to the lab for testing. The lab can easily produce a test result in less than one hour.
A systematic review of the medical literature found that fetal fibronectin is a good predictor of spontaneous preterm birth before cervical dilation.[2] The test may be run on patients between 22 and 35 weeks gestation.
A negative fetal fibronectin test gives a more than 95% likelihood of remaining undelivered for the next 2 weeks. On the other hand, a positive fetal fibronectin test indicates a higher risk of preterm delivery (61% of delivery before 34 weeks)[3]. So, the fetal fibronectin test can't tell you for sure that you are in labor, but it can tell you that you're not.

Monday, June 9, 2008

33 week dr. appt

So dr appt went well today.. gained 4lbs in 1 month. i go every 2 weeks till 37 weeks then i go weekly. dr checked baby and she is measuring great. he is worried that i will have another BIG baby, so we are keeping an eye on that. if baby gets big then he will induce me before i hit 40 weeks. I told him that i dont want a c-section cause it will be really hard with a 13 month old and a newborn, and i wouldnt be able to pick either one of them up.

She is a healthy 4lbs 10oz and im still 2 cm and im off bed rest but dr said NO SEX and MINIMAL WALKING. so if she is not here by 38 weeks SEX IS ON!!! only cause it will induce labor LMAO!

My next appt is on 6/24 (mine and daves 2 years anniversary)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do You Need Washing??

I read this on another site and thought it was a very good story. so i hope you like it as much as i did.


A little girl had been shopping with her Mom in Target. She must have been 6 years old, this beautiful red haired, freckle faced image of innocence. It was pouring outside. The kind of rain that gushes over the top of rain gutters, so much in a hurry to hit the earth it has no time to flow down the spout. We all stood there under the awning and just inside the door of the Target. We waited, some patiently, others irritated because nature messed up their hurried day. I am always mesmerized by rainfall. I got lost in the sound and sight of the heavens washing away the dirt and dust of the world. Memories of running, splashing so carefree as a child, came pouring in as a welcome reprieve from the worries of my day. The little voice was so sweet as it broke the hypnotic trance we were all caught in, "Mom let's run through the rain," she said. "What?" Mom asked. Lets run through the rain!" She repeated. "No, honey. We'll wait until it slows down a bit," Mom replied. This young child waited about another minute and repeated: "Mom, let's run through the rain," "We'll get soaked if we do," Mom said. "No, we won't, Mom. That's not what you said this morning," the young girl said as she tugged at her Mom's arm. This morning? When did I say we could run through the rain and not get wet? "Don't you remember? When you were talking to Daddy about his cancer, you said, 'If God can gets us through this, he can get us through anything!" The entire crowd stopped dead silent. I swear you couldn't hear anything but the rain. We all stood silently. No one came or left in the next few minutes. Mom paused and thought for a moment about what she would say. Now! some would laugh it off and scold her for being silly. Some might evens ignore what was said. But this was a moment of affirmation in a young child's life. A time when innocent trust can be nurtured so that it will bloom into faith. "Honey, you are absolutely right. Let's run through the rain. If GOD let's us get wet, well maybe we just needed washing," Mom said. Then off they ran. We all stood watching, smiling and laughing as they darted past the cars and yes, through the puddles. They held their shopping bags over their heads just in case. They got soaked. But they were followed by a few who screamed and laughed like children all the way to their cars. And yes, I did. I ran. I got wet. I needed washing. Circumstances or people can take away your material possessions, they can take away your money, and they can take away your health. But no one can ever take away your precious memories...So, don't forget to make time and take the opportunities to make memories everyday. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.


Take the time to live!!! Keep in touch with your friends, you never know when you'll need each other -- and don't forget to run in the rain!

Friday, June 6, 2008

It Has Finally Hit Me!!!


this pregnancy has gone by so fast! and my little boy will be 1 in 12 days. it makes me so sad and happy! it just comes to show that you need to take everyday as it were your last. i take photos of dj everyday and just looking back it seems like yesterday we were bringing him home. and now we are getting ready to have our little girl and start all over again. im so blessed with the fact that my family is healthy and there for me.

We are so excited to meet our LAST baby. This little girl is so loved already, and dj is so loved and spoiled by all the people that care for him. they are my pride and joy and my reason for being.

sorry for my on going blubbering... i have no idea where im going to get the strength to take care of two children but i am so ready!

Going Down Memory Lane...

Having DJ in my arms for the first time...

We were an offical family that day...

Giving DJ his First Bath...

Holding His Bottle By Himself for the first time...

Dj's First Halloween...

DJ's First Christmas...

DJ's First Big Boy Bath...

DJ's First Hair Cut...

DJ's First Steps...


The Carnival...

Shannon called the other day and wanted to know if we wanted to go to the Carnival, of course i said yes!!! so we all piled up in the scion and went! we had a great time and dave actually went on the zipper with shannon. dave has never been on a ride that goes upside down... so i was proud! hes ready for great america with my dad! lol.

Dave and DJ

Cowboy DJ (hes wearing Sophies hat)

Dave, Sophie, and Shannon in the Berry go round

Sophie and Shannon

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lazy day with pics...

dj and i were lazy yesterday... we stayed in our pj's till 5. we did a few loads of laundry and organized reagans part of the closet. here are some of our fun pics...

Famouse Smile that will melt your heart!

His CHEESE Face!!!

"OOOOHHHHH Whats That??" Face!

Relaxing watching Diego

Up Close and Personal!!!

Sitting in Reagans Bouncer.. (there going to fight over that thing)

DJ in his old Car Seat!

that was our day!!!!

32 weeks 4 days!!!

wow i cant believe we only have 7 weeks left! she will be here before we know it! here is my latest belly shot! i have my next dr appt on 6/9. cant wait to see how big she will be!!!!