Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DJ Loves His Little Sister!

So dj is finally comming around! Whenever reagan cries he runs up to her bassinet or wherever she is at and make sure she is okay. Im so glad that he is doing better. The first few days were pretty rough on him, but he loves his sissy now!



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our first few days home...

Hello everyone! well things have definitely gotten better around the smith house! DJ is finally coming around with Reagan. When she cries he will look at her and either start crying or just leave the room. Our first night was HORRIBLE! Whenever Reagan would wake up crying, DJ would wake up crying.... so we would get Reagan and DJ to sleep then the vicious circle would start all over again. So Dave and i got NO sleep. The 2nd night was SO MUCH BETTER, she slept 6 hours and DJ slept the whole night. Last night was good too!

Reagan had her follow up appt yesterday 7/25 and she is down 5oz from her birth weight and still a little jaundice, but the ped isn't to worried about it. so her stats are:

Weight: 6lbs 5.5oz (25th percentile)
Height: 19 inches (25th percentile)
Head 35.5cm (35th percentile)

DJ doesn't have an appt till 10/13 for his 15 month check up and shots. so he is doing great. he has 6 teeth now!!! OMG he is getting so big. I get home from the hospital and just looking at him i can tell he has grown so much in that 24 hour period that i didn't see him.

here are a few new pics of DJ and Reagan...

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Reagans Birth Story

On Monday night i was so stressed out and wanting her to come already, i had a horrible nigh sleep. I wake up around 7am and I'm laying in bed and all of a sudden i hear a "pop" I stand up to go to the bathroom and water just gushes out of me. I get super excited and yell at Dave "My Water Broke!!!!" I put on a pad and new pair of undies and pants and call the hospital to let them know that my water broke. The nurse said that i had to call my Dr and tell him that my water broke and that i was going to go into the hospital... What?!?! So i call my Dr and then call back the hospital and tell them i am on my way. We get everything packed up and DJ packed and head out.

We get to the hospital around 8:30am. We park in the valet spot because there was no way i was going to walk from the parking lot to the hospital while gushing amniotic fluid.. no thank you! So they get me a wheelchair and DJ sits on my lap and Dave is pushing me up into the hospital. We get to 3rd floor L&D and tell them that my water broke and so they take me to a room and tell me "You know the drill"... as though i have been there before ;) Again, peeing in that little cup was a little hard but it was easier this time because i was gushing fluid so i just stuck the cup under me and got whatever i could :)I get into the bed and they hook me up to all of the monitors. Dave and DJ are sitting on the couch watching TV while all of this is going on. Finally i tell Dave that he can either go home or go to my dads and give DJ a nap and i would call him if anything changed or happened. So I'm in the hospital by myself which is kinda relaxing :)

A nurse comes in and tells me that since I'm not contracting that Dr said to start me on pitocin at noon. Okay no problem! 12 noon rolls around and still nothing, so they start an IV line and hook up the pitocin. After about 2 hours of being on pitocin, I was really feeling the contractions. So i tell them that i want some pain med but not my epi yet. They bring the good stuff... Stadol! So i get a shot of that and i feel much better! I was getting a bunch of phone calls from my Sassy Mommas, which i absolutely loved! It was nice talking to someone while i was by myself.
Around 4pm things really get hard, the contractions are getting worse so they give me another shot... which didn't really help. I tell my nurse that i want my epidural now! She checks me and I'm only at 6cm so she tells me that she will put my name down and the anesthesiologist will come in. At 6:15 i couldn't handle it anymore. I called my dads house and told him to get to the hospital because i needed someone here with me. He gets there about 6:30 and i am freaking out because i want my epi and I'm in so much pain.

Finally at 6:45pm the anesthesiologist comes in and gives me my epi, he has to do it 2x to finally get it to work. While i was getting my epidural i kept having the urge to push and my contractions were rolling on top of one another. It was so painful!

Finally I'm getting numb and they check me, I am at 7cm and stretchy. Dave gets this bright idea and wants to go home and get something to eat. The nurse says that it will be a bad idea because he would miss the birth. So he goes down to the cafeteria. While he is gone i magically go from 7 to Lets Roll in about 3 minutes. So my friend Shannon runs after him. When Shannon got to him he had already ordered. She told him he better get up stairs. So Dave and Shannon are running through the hospital trying to get back into my room.. LMAO! They run in and i see Dave with a burger in his mouth. I have my legs in the stirrups and we are ready to go.I give a test push at 7:15pm and her head almost comes out, so my dr quits messing with the TV and comes over and tells me to push. I push maybe 3 times and at 7:26pm Miss Reagan was here! Dave was able to cut the cord and they took her to clean her up and weigh her. She was a peanut at 6lbs 11oz and 19 inches long ** the exact same size as i was**

At around 11pm i finally walk to the bathroom and then its off to the recovery room. This time i didn't get a private room and i had to share with another lady.. Blah! It was so tiny and Dave didn't have any room to stay with me so he went home to get some sleep because he had to pick DJ up from my dads at 5am. So i barely sleep that night and decide to walk the halls of L&D. I finally fall asleep for about a 1/2 hour-45 minutes.

Breakfast time is here! I was so hungry! Even Though the food was horrible i ate it. Dave got to the hospital around 11:30am so DJ can see his little sister. He wanted nothing to do with her! After Dave and DJ leave, my sister and her girlfriend come up and bring me flowers and a balloon! How sweet! My grandma also sent flowers :) The visited me for a little while and then they left. My Dr came in to release me and give me some pain meds :)

5pm we are leaving the hospital.... less than 24 hours after delivering her we were heading home. I was so excited to be going home! As we were leaving one of the nurses stopped us and said "aren't you the dad that was running to get to the birth of your child last night?" OMG I was laughing so hard!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Little Peanut Is Here!!!

Baby's Name: Reagan Khloe
Gender: Girl
Date of Birth:July 22,2008
Original Due Date: July 29, 2008
Height/Weight 6lbs 11oz & 19 inches
here is the outline...
7:15 am~ Water Broke!!!!
8:15 am~ Got to Hospital and admitted.
9:00 am~ Checked at 4cm 70% effaced, and -3
12:00 pm~ Started Pitocin, Wasnt having ANY Contractions. Had it bumped up every 1/2 hour.
2:00 pm~ Got a shot of Stadol, helped take the edge off the contractions cause i couldnt get an epi yet.
4:00 pm~ Checked at 5cm 90% and -1
6:30-7 pm~ Getting strong contractions and feeling the urge to push
7:00 pm~ GOT EPI!!! and the whole time i was having urges to push so i was in a lot of pain... checked at 7cm 100% and 07
:15 pm~ Complete and ready to get the show on the road.
7:18 pm~ Gave a test push and her head was almost out.
7:26 pm~ Reagan Khloe is HERE!!!! 6lbs 11oz and 19 inches long.
her apgars were 8 & 9. i got 3 stitches.. thank god it wasnt 15 like dj!

the funny thing was that after i got my epi dave went to the cafeteria to get something to eat and the nurse said dont go far. he thought he had time, well right when he started to order his foon on the 1st floor my friend had to chase him down so he cound get upstairs to watch his daughter be born, cause i went from 7 to ready in 2 minutes. so the nurses were giving him crap the next day saying i remember you running to get to your childs birth... HAHAHAHA

we are doing great. dj is not sure of her yet. but we survived the first night so i think we will be good!!! She is so tiny compared to dj! she swims in her newborn clothes... lol

here are a few pics! i dont have any from the birth cause dave forgot the camera and i havent gotten the pics from my friend yet... so those will come later!



Monday, July 21, 2008

Reagan's My Stubborn Little Girl!

So thinking that this pregnancy was going to be a piece of cake like dj's well i was completly wrong! ever since i was 9 weeks pregnant she has been trying to come out and see the world. well now that the time has come she doesnt want to come out....

The story with reagan!

9 weeks~ bleeding, thought we lost her. i was changing dj's diaper and thought i started to pee but i ran to the bathroom and it was ALL blood. so the next day my friend went with me to the ER. and thank god we were told that there was still a heartbeat. we still to this day have no idea why i bled. i think it might have been a twin.

14 weeks~ started spotting again. went and had an u/s done and everything was fine. thank god!

30 weeks~ Start bleeding again, and contractions are comming, went to L&D and had 2 terb shots...

33 1/2 weeks~ contractions every 5-7 minutes, had a terb shot and the fFN test.

35 1/2 weeks~ c/o and being sent home...

37 weeks~ fell.. contractions started. and they stopped them.

38 weeks~ 2 min apart contractions and get sent home cause my cervix is not changing.

39 weeks~ go for contractions and get sent home again...

there is the time line of this stubborn little girl!! hopefully she gives her mommy a break and comes out on time :)

Reagans Eviction Notice!!!

Miss. Reagan,

You see that mommy is stressed out and very tired, So will you please come out? I know mommy is very comfy but you will be even more comfy when your in my arms. So lets be a follower just this once and come out and play with Kahleb and Nadia! Everyone is so excited to see you! So if you would please scoot your little head down and start making your way out :) Mommy has all of your cute frilly outfits hung up and ready for you to wear, and your bassined is in our room ready for you to sleep and daydream in. Your Aunts are very impatient, as am i for you to get here! So pleas come out!

you are offically being served an EVICTION NOTICE!

Love always,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mentally and Emotionally Drained...

I just feel so down, i never had PPD with dj , but i feel so depressed. im trying everything i can to have this little girl in my arms and i keep failing. and with daves comment he made a few days ago, im feeling more depressed. i hate the fact that dave didnt pass his written for the chp. that was our new beginning, so we are back to square one: drowning in bills and barely being able to pay rent. im so glad i have my dad here to help or else we would be homeless. it all started with the car impound which made us late on that months rent and legal fees cause we were so late, and now the checks are a month behind and we are playing catch up, we should be happy and stress free about this baby comming but all we do is stress on bills, things for dj, and other necessities. I love my husband to death and wouldnt know what to do without him, but we need to find him a better paying job, cause $10 an hour is NOT cutting it. our bills are more than what he makes a month. and if i could i would work right now just so we have our heads above water, but i cant.

im sorry im rambling i just need to get this out..

im so self consious about my body, my appearance, everything.. and to be pregnant and weight 210lbs im just so disgusted with myself. i shouldnt be this big. my weight has a big toll on my depression. in high school i had the perfect body then when i got out of school and got a boyfriend who did drugs and talked down to me, everything spiraled down. after 3 years of heartache i left and moved into an apartment with my now ex best friend. and that is where i met dave. he made me feel special and treated me so well. My sister says that im very lucky to have such a perfect family. i dont feel i have a perfect family though. i try to be the best wife i can, i try and keep the house clean, do laundry, and all the others that intail but im just so worn out like.. "hey when do i get a break" KWIM But when it all comes down to it i really do have a good family, i have a loving husband and son that i wouldnt change for anything, support from my dad, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. so i do have a great support system, but why cant I see that? why do i feel as though everything is crashing down on me?

i think im going to talk to my dr when i see him and ask him what i should do/take.

2 minute apart contractions and they send me home ;(

so last night i started to get some good contractions and they were every 7 minutes apart so i mad dinner and waited till they were every 2-3 minutes apart. well that time came around 10pm so i get dressed and head into L&D (dave stayed home with dj). so i get there and they are just rolling in.. im thinking YAY THIS IS IT!!! they check me and the nurse asked what i was and i said 3cm and 75% effaced, well the dr checked me and she said that im 3cm on the outside but barely 1cm on the inside and still pretty thick... i wanted to cry my eyes out.. so they monitor me for a little while and call my dr. when they came back in they wanted to monitor me for a while cause everytime i would have a contraction reagans heartrate would do these funny jumps so they wanted to keep an eye on her. So they give me a vistoral and watch me. im contracting every other minute and these things HURT!!! so im thinking to myself "cervix please change, please, please, please" so around 3:15 they come in and tell me that they are going to send me home because i was not dilating they checked me one last time and i had made NO PROGRESS. im so miserable...

i told dave this morning that i have a BAD feeling that im going to end up with a C/S, and i started crying. i dont want a c/s because i will have NO ONE to help me besides dave and we can only afford for dave to take off a few days. All of my friends work days and my dad works, and my sister is working and going to school.

I just dont know what to do :(

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

38 Week Dr. Appt...

Today i had my 38 week OB Appt. i have not gained any weight.. YAY!!! Reagan is doing great and i can deliver any time! He said that i might go before my next appt which is on the 22nd. so who knows! all i know is that i am so ready for reagan to get here!!!

next appt is on July 22nd.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My New Hair Cut!!!


So my friend goes to school at the Paul Mitchell Partner School Of Hair and Design, and i told her that i want to get my hair cut! so i made an appt and went in last night! I told her somewhat of a cut that i wanted and then told her that my hair was in her hands ;) So we finish wansing it and we come back and put a rubber band in my hair and cut 10 inches off!!!! I absolutly love my new hair!! it will be so easy to manage since i will have NO TIME FOR MYSELF when reagan comes...

here is my before..

and here is the after..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

38 Weeks and Still NO Reagan...

im offically 38 weeks today!!! im so ready for her to be here!!! On my appt on wednesday im going to ask my dr if i can *Request* to be induced. Im scared that reagan will be big like dj was and i dont want to have a c/s and/or a horrible labor like dj. So as soon as i find out i will post it!

here is my 38 week belly shot!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Climber...

So i go to the bathroom and come out to find this...


DJ decided to climb up onto my dads tv stand. he was laughing so hard when i was telling him to get down!!

from now on he is going to the bathroom with me!!!

37 Week Appt and GBS Test

Today was my 37 week OB appt and my Group B Strep Test. We should get results back by my next appt, but if i go into labor before the results come back i will be given the antibiotic anyways.

Reagan is doing great inside my belly, she is almost 7lbs. my dr is not worried about her weight right now since i have been having PTL. I am currently 3 cm and 75% effaced.

My dr. is really pleased with my weight, i LOST 3 lbs this week. He wants me to stay at a certain weight and im really proud of myself for doing it!

My Next Appt is July 16th

Here is some info on GBS:

What is group B strep?
Group B strep is a certain kind of bacteria (germ) that lives in the vaginal or rectal areas of 1 out of every 4 or 5 healthy pregnant women. A woman who has group B strep on her skin is said to be "colonized" with this germ. For every 100 colonized women with group B strep who have a baby, 1 or 2 babies are infected with these germs while they're being born and can get sick.

If I have group B strep, what could happen?
Carrying the bacteria in your body when you're pregnant doesn't make you sick. In some cases, though, group B strep germs can multiply inside your body and can cause serious infection. When you are pregnant and have group B strep, your baby could get the germs from you during delivery and get sick. Infected babies need treatment. Your baby will be kept in the hospital some extra days for close watching (observation) if your doctor thinks the baby is infected with strep. Blood tests will be done to see if your baby has group B strep. If your baby has this germ, the doctor will give the baby antibiotics.

How will I know I have group B strep?
Your doctor can do a skin culture to see if you have group B strep on your skin. Your doctor can also do a test on your vagina and rectum to see if it is inside your body. The test is like a Pap smear.

If I'm infected, what can I do?
Your doctor may have you take antibiotics during pregnancy until you give birth. Then, when you're in labor, you can also take antibiotics to kill the germs. If you take antibiotics while you're in labor, the chances are higher that your baby probably won't get this infection.

Saturday, July 5, 2008



here is my belly shot!!!

and here is my progress!!!

a comic strip!

Dave Takes His CHP Written Test TODAY!!!!!!

dave goes in at 1pm to take his written for the California Highway Patrol!!!! we are so excited and very nervous! If he passes this then he is one step closer to the Academy! If he gets into the academy he will be gone for 27 weeks at boot camp and will get liberty on wednesday nights and weekends if he is good and passes all of his tests. This will really make or break our family and i have been praying and having all my friends and family praying also.

positive vibes and prayers are needed!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

WOW i cant believe this is dj's 2nd 4th of july! he is so big.

we went to the parade in daves old neighborhood again, last year dj was only 2 weeks old. And ofcourse you could only find me around the sno cone machine!!! those things are so good! everyone couldnt believe how big dj has grown!

here are a few pics!

DJ's First 4th of july at 2 weeks old

(same fire truck)
Dave and DJ at 2 weeks old

Dave and DJ at 1 year old

Me and DJ

DJ and the COOKIE!!!

DJ and his Sno Cone!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Will Reagan come on an 8 day or a Holiday?

what do you guys think?? will she come on an 8 day or a holiday??

so i don't know if i told you guys about me and 8's...

i was born on 9/5/84 (9+5+8+4=26... 2+6=8)

Dave was born on Dec 8Th

we got married on 5/12 (5+1+2=8)

we found out we were pregnant with DJ on 10/8

DJ was born on June 18Th

we found out we were pregnant on 11/18

and the 8Th is on Tuesday


i was born on LABOR DAY

Brittney was born on NEW YEARS DAY

Amanda was born on COLUMBUS DAY

I went into labor with DJ on FATHERS DAY


what do you guys think??? coincidental?

my fall ... that landed me in L&D

hey guys and girls. im here and alive with reagan still in my belly. sorry i have no phone, my minutes ran out and dave didnt get any last night.

So here is what happened.

I was mixing the c/o and i turn around to check on dj and i trip over one of his damn toys and i try to put my arms out in time but i fell on the front right side of my belly. after that i started getting some cramps and contractions. i packed djs things and headed to my dads and called L&D from there and they told me to come in and i hadnt felt reagan since i had fallen. so i call dave and leave dj with my dad. we get to the hospital and they hook me up and it takes the nurse 20+ minutes just to get reagans heartbeat on the monitors. so they do a acusure test to see if my water had broke and that came back negative. so they monitored me for about 2 hours and check me. im still around 2 - 2 1/2 cm and 50% effaced. so they give me another vistoral (those things make me sleep so well!!) and send me home. so i get to my dads and call april cause im sure you ladies were wondering how the c/o was going. while we were at my dads i was having very strong contractions around 2-3 minutes apart, we leave my dads and thank god dj fell asleep on the way home cause i was able to go lay down after we got home, i was still very crampy and contracting, then i was OUT!!! i would wake up when dj would cry and i could feel the contractions but they have subsided this morning, but im still getting small ones...

I have come to realize that there is nothing i can do to get this little girl out so im going to stop trying to get her out. And this fall was a wake up call...

Like my MIL said "god has a special birthday already picked out for her"

(i coppied and pasted from another board)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

.o0o. CASTOR OIL .o0o.

On saturday i will be 37 weeks and i am going to be taking Castor Oil to speed up the labor! i am currently 3 cm and 50% effaced. hopefully this will work for me!

4oz of Castor Oil
2 Scoops of Ice Cream
1/2 Cup of Milk
1 Egg or Egg White
Blend well and drink as fast as you can!
Daves CHP test is also on saturday! so prayers and positive vibes are needed! His test starts at 1pm and it is a 4 1/2 hour test. He told me that if i go into labor while he is at his test that he is NOT leaving.. lol i told him that he better not leave, this is our future! Some one can take me if anything happens!

36 weeks 3 days!


so we will offically be FULL TERM on saturday!!!

here is my recent belly picture!


and here is daves... LMAO