Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Poor Baby :(

Yesterday he had an appt and we confirmed what I already knew... Allen has Croup :( He is on two antibiotics and we got a refill on his albuterol for the breathing treatments.. I can't believe how expensive these things are..

My poor little guy cant catch a break. This is the second time he has had Croup. I am just glad that it was not RSV or Bronchiolitis. So for now we are resting and getting him healthy.. Thank goodness he has been sleeping his sickies away yesterday and today...

Time to go Lysol the house... Again!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Common Sense, People!!

My poor lovebug is sick :(

Friday he woke up with a nasty cough and it just keeps getting worse. It's a mix between a smokers cough and a bark-like cough. I am praying it's not Croup or BronchIllyria. He had both at 3 weeks old. I was also recently informed that a little boy that was at the same together as us a few days ago, has RSV!

I am so livid!!!

Who takes their sick child to a get together?!? Especially when there are other children coming! There were at least 7 other children there, Allen being the youngest. People have no common sense! So now my child has to suffer because people can't keep their sick kids home, where they should be!!

Allen has been getting breathing treatments at least four times a day. He is having such a hard time sleeping because he so congested and is so crabby. I feel so bed for him :( He looks so miserable and I'm sure he feels the same.. Thankfully he has an appt tomorrow.

I'm going to go cuddle my sick lovebug..

Have a wonderful Sunday..


Saturday, November 26, 2011

DJ in Dreamland...

I am so happy that thanksgiving break is over!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death! This week was just a little too chaotic! Not to mention that we were stuck in the house mon-wed & fri. Today I am getting us out of the house!

So if you haven't heard read about how hyper DJ is, I will give you a little background..

DJ has "Unofficial ADHD." That means he has ADHD Tendencies, but they can not officially diagnose him until the age of Five. He is just a big ball of energy and just go go go's..

A few friends were talking about Melatonin and it's uses. So last night I did a lot of research about it and decided that we were going try this out. Bed time usually consists of him messing around and not falling asleep till at least 11pm. It was getting completely ridiculous!

Last night Dave ran to the store and picked up a bottle of Melatonin's fast dissolving tablets {strawberry flavor}. I gave him 1/2 of a 5mg tablet and told him it was time to relax. About 45 minutes later, it was time for bed. He fought about not wanting to go to bed, but finally realized he will always lose this battle :) I get him tucked in and calmed down.

After about 15 minutes he was


I think I actually did the happy dance!!

I don't think He has ever gone down that fast in a long time! I am planning on making a dr appt for him, just to talk with his ped and let her know that we will be using this with him now. We are going to start pushing the kids bedtime up. It's currently 9pm and I want bedtime to be either 7:30-8pm.

Guess what else...?!?

He slept through the whole night with out getting up or rustling around..!!

This morning he woke up at 8am, refreshed and in a fantastic mood! This is definitely going to be a life saver in our house at bed time! I am so happy I have finally found something that helps him relax and calm down.

Now its off to clean my tornado stricken house!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Personalized Books!!

I have always wanted to get the kids personalized books, but they are always so expensive!

So while I was cruising Plum District last night, I saw that there was a deal for Two Personalized Books for $22! These books usually go for that much, just for one! I had to get them!! So I ordered the Cars 2 Big Books for DJ & Disney Princesses Big Books for Reagan!! So a total of 2 deals/4 books. Each deal came with 2 books.

After the Promo Code & Referals, I spent a total of


{$88 value}

At Plum District, You can refer friends and you Both get $5 Plum Dollars! So I sent a mass email out last night to friends, family and my other emails..

They are having a promo going on!

If you use enjoy10 at checkout, you get an extra $10 to shop with or put towards your total!

Thats $15 in Plum Dollars you get to shop with!!

So, what are you waiting for?!?!

Go sign up Here and start shopping!!!

French Toast Casserole...

So I was looking through my Family Fun magazine and came across this really yummy looking recipe. My kids love French Toast, so I thought this would be a big hit!

Yesterday when we were at dave's co-workers house, this was there and my kids devoured it!!

So here it is!!


- 10c Bread {thick, I used Sara Lee French Toast}
- 8oz Cream Cheese
- 12 Eggs
- 1 1/2c Milk
- 1/2c Maple Syrup & a little extra
- 2/3c Half & Half
- 2tbsp Cinnamon
- 1tsp Vanilla


1. Cut up Bread into cubes and put in a bowl. I cut it 4v/4h to make 16 pieces per slice.
2. Beat Cream Cheese at medium Speed until smooth.
3. Add Eggs one at a time. Mix well.

4. Add Milk, Half & Half, Maple Syrup and Vanilla. Mix well.
5. Pour Maple Syrup on the bottom of a greased 13x9 baking dish.
6. Put Bread in the dish over the Syrup.

7. Pour Mixture over the Bread.
8. Make sure it is evenly distributed over the Bread.

9. Bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes.
10. Remove, let sit for 15 minutes.


{Why Yes, That is a Zoo Pals plate ;) }


Monday, November 21, 2011

Irritated, to say the least..

So this whole domain thing is pissing me off!

They said it could take up to three days, well tomorrow is day three... I really don't want to have to bitch someone out!


Yesterday Reagan and I went to target and I got majority of the kids Christmas goodies. Reagan probably forgot about all of the gifts already.. Haha then it was offto a friends house fir a "Friends-Giving!" This was such a neat idea! The kids had a blast playing with the other kids and I got to have some yummy margaritas!!

This week is going to be very busy. I can't believe thanksgiving is in a few days. This just means Allen will be one soon! I'm not really sure how I feel about this. He is my very last baby, last pregnancy, last everything.. But that is a whole nother post..

I hope you all have a great day tommorrow!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Build a Bear & Giveaway Winners!!!!

Its so rainy here.. Blah!

Today I am taking Reagan to Build a Bear :)
We have been wanting to take her for her birthday, but things just kept getting in the way. So since I took DJ to the movies last weekend, I am going to finally take Reagan today!

I'm so excited for her!! Dave took me there when we were dating and it was so much fun! Then when DJ was a baby, we took him and made him a bear.. Now its Reagan's turn!! We will probably take Allen next year.

Then we have a Friends-Giving/Birthday Party for one of Dave's co-workers. So that should be fun! The kids get to play with all of the other kids and run some of the energy that they have, out of their systems! Its getting crazy here with them cooped up in the house..

I can't believe Thanksgiving is 5 days away..
I am so ready for some good food!!



Its that time for me to announce the winners for the
Calendar & Shopping Cards!!

Drum roll please...




{Sabrina S.}
{for some reason, I cant get to your blog}

{Jennie @ Our Family of 3}

If you ladies could please email me at Smith.Breanna3@yahoo.com

That way I can get you guys your goodies!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Custom Domain!!!

So I finally did it!!

After 3+ years of blogging, I finally have my very own domain!


So things might be a little different for the next 24 hours...

Don't forget to change it!!!

Winners of the giveaway will be posted tomorrow!!!!


Counting Sheep...

Its 2:34am and I can not sleep...

So I am going through all 100 of my Facebook albums.. Yeah, you read that correctly, one hundred... I am putting them in years. Right now I am on 2009 pt. 3. I don't know why I started at 2009, since I have 07 & 08 pics too... Oh well!

Today is going to be a very long day, I can already feel it.

I have a big list of things to do today:

- Go through all of the kids Toys. {gotta make room for the new ones!}

- Go through all of the kids Clothes. {I still have 12 mo. shorts & tops that fit Reagan.}

- Organize the kids Bedroom/Closet. {I swear a tornado goes through their room daily!}

- Go through all of my clothes.. Since I've lost 35lbs, all majority of my clothes are too big!

- Deep Clean the Bathrooms...

- Deep Clean the Kitchen {stove, fridge, counters, floor}

- Clean the Carpets if I have time.

See, told ya!!

I have So much to get done within a month. We are leaving for Seattle in Dec for Christmas!! So I want to make sure everything is done and I don't have to stress on anything.. This will be The second time DJ and Reagan will be flying! They absolutely love it!! Hopefully Allen will love it too!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Don't forget, my giveaway ends TODAY!!!!! So, go comment and get yourself entered!!!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Pajama Party!!!

The kids were so excited this morning when they woke up for school!! They got to wear pajamas to school for "Pajama Day!" They thought it was the greatest thing! They also got to bring Teddy Bears. DJ took the one I made at build a bear when I was pregnant with him & Reagan took the one she got at her baby shower :) They were ready to to go 20 minutes early!!

Then it was off to my dr appt. My dr is very proud of me and my weight loss! She said that she can really tell in my face and that I look so much happier :) It made me feel really good! My 2 month weigh loss is 30lbs! I would have been lower but my visitor came a whole week early.. So bloat kept me at the same... She also asked me how I will handle thanksgiving dinner.. I told her that I will do portion control and will sadly skip out on the pie. The price I have to pay to lose this weight!

After my appt, I went to my dads where Dave and Allen were. I picked up my sister and we went to pick the kids up from school. DJ and Reagan freaked when they saw Auntie Bwittwee!! They did not stop talking the whole way back to dads house. They told her every single thing they did at school. We were cracking up! They watched a movie, ate popcorn, played with friends, did crafts and a bunch of other fun stuff preschoolers do!

I can't believe thanksgiving is six days away... We were invited to one of Dave's coworkers house for brunch. The guys are going to play football and the moms are going to have the kids do some crafts :) Then it's off to my dads house and my sister and I will cook everything.. Which means the guys get to clean!! My sister and I make sure we dirty every little thing hahaha!!

Sunday I am going to do my usual thankful week posts! This will be my 3rd year doing it :) Also, don't forget about my giveaway that ends tomorrow!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously Thursday...

- How can thanksgiving be one whole week away?!? Didn't we just have halloween? I am ready to grub on some yummy food!!!

- I have already looked up all of the black friday ads for next week.. And, already made my plan of attack! hahaha

- The kids have the whole week off next week.. Lets hope I dont go crazy!!

- The kids are getting sick, again... I can not stand having sick kids!! Runny Noses are the worst.. *gag*

- I have all of my lists for the holiday season ready... I'm a big list maker.. haha

- Just ordered some cute stuff at Plum District! And Letters from Santa for the kids!!

- My Giveaway ends on Saturday!! So go comment and enter!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adding to the Giveaway!!!

So I thought I would add a few more things to the Giveaway!!!
Just to make it FUN!!

Each Calendar will come with

- Two (2) $10 Shopping Cards to Plum District!

Plum District has great deals For Moms, By Moms!

I just got a bunch of goodies for the kids for christmas & Allen's Birthday!!

I can't wait for them to come in the mail!!


So to update you on the Giveaway..

Each Winner will receive:

- One (1) 12 Month Photo Wall Calendar
- Two (2) $10 Shopping Cards to Plum District

*All of the Rules/Entries still apply!

Good Luck!!!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

First Movie in a Theater!!

Yesterday I decided to take DJ to the movies for the first time! He got a gift card to the movies for his birthday and I figured it was a great day to go!

Every time the Puss in Boots movie trailer came on the tv, he would get so excited! So I asked him what movie he wanted to see, of course he said Puss in Boots! So we got ready and then we were off to the movies!!

When we got to the theater, I got him a kid pak {popcorn, soda & fruit snack} and me a soda. We got our stuff and headed in. We picked up a booster seat for him and got him situated in his seat, popcorn in lap and he was good to go!

In the beginning, he said it was a little loud but nothing bad. Once the movie started, he was glued to the screen. He would laugh at the funny parts and tell me about what was going on.. Lol all in all, he did amazing!! I thought he would have wanted to get up and move around or leave, but he stayed seated! He got up 3 times because his booster seat was sliding and his butt was getting sore... LoL

So his first time at a movie was perfect!! I am so proud he did so well :) Next Sunday, I am taking Reagan to Build A Bear for her late birthday present :) Yay!!

Don't forget about my Photo Calendar Giveaway!! Six more days!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Wall Calendar Giveaway!

This year I am making Wall Photo Calendars for the
grandparents & aunts/uncles!

I have been busy all week going through discs and trying to find
the perfect pictures for each of the different calendars.
I am going to be making a total of seven calendars, including ours!

This is the first year I am using Shutterfly for their calendars.
I have made Allen's Birth Announcements & Christmas Cards last year.
I am currently working on the Calendars, Christmas Cards
and Allen's Birthday Invites!

I think photo calendars are great gifts!
They are sentimental and it shows that it came from the heart!

This is why I am giving away Two,
Yes Two, 12 month Wall Photo Calendars!!


Two (2) $10 Plum District Shopping Cards!!

Are you excited?!?

Cause I am!!!


Each Winner will receive:
- One (1) 12 Month Photo Wall Calendar
- Two (2) $10 Shopping Cards to Plum District



- Giveaway starts on November 13th {today}
Ends on November 19th.

- Must be a follower of my blog.

- Winners will be determined per Random.org
and will be announced on November 20th.

- Two winners are determined, please respond within 48 hours
or a next person(s) will be chosen.

- Please read the rules/entries carefully.
- Leave a comment for each entry.



1. Tell me what your favorite holiday ritual is? If you do not have one, What would you like to start? {1 entry}


1. Like "Adventures in Mommy Land" on Facebook.
{2 entries = 2 comments}

2. Tweet about this Giveaway and let me know you did.
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4. Place my Blog Button on your blog.
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Good Luck!!

Disclaimer - I was not paid to do this giveaway. All things stated are of my opinion only.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm not ready...



Holiday Chat..

Things have been so busy these past few weeks. The holidays are fast approaching, plans are being made and I haven't even started Christmas shopping {gasp, I know!} I have one thing for both DJ and Reagan, but that's it. I usually do all of my shopping on Black Friday, and will more than likely do it in a few weeks..

I'm still not ready.

I had DJ and Reagan go through the Toys r Us website and point to what they liked.. They must have picked out at least fifty things.. lol There are a few things that I definitely am getting them. They need some learning toys since DJ will be entering Kindergarten and Reagan will be in her 2nd year of Preschool. The kids love to learn and I love it!!

Here are a few things I would like to get them!!

Allen -

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn CD Player..

Playskool Poppin' Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper..

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn - Learning Puppy..
Reagan -

Baby Alive Doll..

VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet - Pink..
Barbie Glam Convertible..

DJ -

VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet - Blue..
Home Depot Big Builder's Workshop..
Cars 2 Walkie Talkies..

For stocking stuffers, I am going to get them pencils, tracing paper and other writing things to help them learn how to write!!!

Not to mention all of the Power Ranger, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Baby Dolls, Loud Music Playing Toys....

***Don't Forget!!! My Giveaway starts Tomorrow!!!!!!***

Have a great night!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank a Hero

Words cant express the gratitude I have to those who have served and are currently serving. Your selflessness for your country is inspiration. I'm appreciate each and every one of you for what you do and/or have done.

A special Thank You to the important Veterans/Marines in my life:

Grandpa Kenny
Uncle Mike
Uncle Pete

And a big Good Luck to my Cousin Kenny who heads to
San Diego for Boot Camp in a few days!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinterest, Can you be my Wardrobe?

I am a true addict when it comes to Pinterest.. That little place of joy has me sucked in for hours.

So, since I have lost 30lbs.. {Yep! Thirty Pounds..} I am putting together my Ultimate Goal Wardrobe! I want all of the adorable clothes that are on there.. *le sigh* None of my clothes fit me anymore.. They are either too big or still a hair too small. I am trying to hold off until Christmas to buy clothes.

Here are some of my faves!!

{Love the Teal w/ Grey!}

{I love the brightness of the yellow!!}

{This would be perfect for a Christmas Outfit!!}

{Again, I love this yellow!}

{This top is darling!}

{The nude look is very classic!}

{Oh Coral, I love this color!}

{all images are from my Pinterest }

Every year, my family asks me what I want for Christmas, I always tell them to just spend it on the kids.. Not this year baby! Mama Needs Some New Clothes!!

If you would like to follow my weight loss blog, Click Here :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences...

Today we had DJ and Reagan's Parent/Teacher Conference at school. Both kids are doing great!

We will start with DJ:

DJ is a very bright young boy. He knows all of the sounds each letter makes and was told that nobody else in the class has mastered this yet. {proud mama} He is starting to read words and write them out. He does like to go from task to task without picking up, but is working on it in school. We are also working on it with him at home, also. He does have his moments at school about sharing and being disruptive, but what preschooler doesn't?! He likes to rush eating and teeth brushing so he can play, but is slowly getting better at waiting. All in all, he is right on track with everything!

Reagan's turn:

Reagan is a smart little girl too! Her teacher is still trying to get her to fully open up to her when it come to Reagan asking for things and using her words. She is the complete opposite of DJ. She is very quiet when it comes to learning or if she is shy/embarrassed. Her teacher said that, when they are in circle time, she will ask questions and Reagan will look at her but not say anything. You can tell she gets it because of her facial expressions, but she doesn't know how to put what she wants to say into words/sentences. She is still pretty young, so her teacher is not worried at all. Reagan has no problem at all with staying on task {just like mama}. She loves to help in any way she can! She loves to have a "job" at school and gets so sad if she doesn't get one that day. Her favorite's are Song Helper, Teacher Helper and Soap Helper. :)

Both kids still get speech at school two times a week. Reagan will definitely need it again next school year too.

Today was also Picture Day! And in true DJ fashion, He did not want me to touch his hair. So it looks like DJ will have a cow-lick in all of his photos.. He also wanted to wear this hideous Yeti shirt.. Eh Memories, I guess.. Reagan of course wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty shirt with the tulle flower. Such a girly girl!

I can't wait to see them!! I told the lady that I want to view the pictures before I bought them, just in case! I'm sure they will turn out great! My kids are so photogenic and love to have their pictures taken...

Have a great week!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Sleep, What's that??

I honestly think that the person who invented Day Light Savings, did not have children..

My kids are getting up earlier than before the time change. Allen has been waking up at 5am every morning for the past few days. It's driving me crazy cause I'm usually the one who has to stay up with him, which makes it a very long day.. They want to get up at 5am and play wii or ask for Halloween candy.. What is wrong with my kids?? haha

The past few days have been horrible. Yesterday I woke up with my left cheek looking like it was smuggling a baseball and in excruciating pain. The night before, the kids and i were eating popcorn and i bit down on a kernel and instantly felt pain. So my dad came over and watched the kids while Dave took me to the ER, since nothing was taking the pain away. When we got there, it was like a ghost town.. I saw the ER dr fast. I told them what had happened and he did an exam.

{I feel as bad as I look :( }

Come to find out, My filling came out and my tooth became abscessed. I have never had an abscess tooth, and oh my goodness I never want one again! I told Dave that I would rather go through child birth again, than have a toothache.. No joke! I think the last filling I had done was when I was 12 or 13 years old.. So I got a perscription for antibiotics and pain killers. So now I am just waiting for the dentist office to open so I can make an appt.. Yay..

okay, enough with my poor me post..

This coming up month I will have a fun holiday giveaway and I already have a few blog posts lined up!

I am so ready for Christmas!!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Ten Months, Allen! {double digits!}

We have hit the double digits! I can not believe that he is ten months already.. Where has the time gone?

In just two short months, I will have a one year old.. *sigh*

I know I say this every month, but it seems like just yesterday we were going into the hospital for my induction. He is growing so fast and learning so much. He hardly ever stops moving and loves to explore anything and everything.

Allen currently weighs  21lbs  8oz and is  30 1/4in long. He is growing like a weed! He is in 12mo clothes and some 18mo tops. He is in size 3 huggies and will probably be there for at least 3 more months. He is an amazing walker and loves to have his freedom. He also plays great by himself with a few toys! Allen is a great napper, when the kids are at school or quiet. He will sleep on average 1 1/2 hours each nap. He usually takes two naps, one in the morning and one in the late afternoon. Night time is a different story. He still wakes up 1-2 times a night for a few ounces and then he is back out. We are trying to break the night feedings, but its pretty hard. He will scream until we either give in or he wakes the other two up.. So we just deal with it..

Allen eats three meals a day plus snacks throughout the day. His favorite foods are all veggies, all fruits, noodles, meat, eggs and my french toast.. He basically eats whatever we eat, just really cut up.. lol He will eat the Gerber Graduates a couple times a week too. His favorite snacks are mum mum's, gold fish, cheerios & puffs. He would eat the yogurt melts, but we noticed that he would have horrible gas. So we are holding off on those for a little bit. He usually has four 8oz bottles during the day and juice or water in sippy cups. He did have his first sucker and peanut butter cup yesterday, courtesy of DJ and Reagan.. He screamed when I took it all away!

- Allen loves to wave at anyone who looks at him, its too funny. He is such a happy little guy! One day Allen was signing "all done" and Dave thought he was just waving at him... hahahaha I laughed so hard!

- Allen now has six teeth! Four on the bottom and two on top. He is getting fussy so I think he might have more teeth coming in.

- He doesn't really crawl anymore. If he is not walking, he is running.. {no joke} He sees Reagan and DJ running around, so he tries to do it too. He is also trying to master jumping in place.. hahaha

- He loves to follow you around and hates to be by himself in a room. He will freak out if he doesn't see myself, the kids or Dave in the same room, or at least in eye sight..

- Whenever he sees the kids doing something funny, he will laugh hysterically. He even laughs at funny parts in cartoons.. This kid is too funny!

- Allen loves to dance and play with his siblings. I will put music on and he will get down! It is by far the cutest thing ever! He can really hold his own when he is playing too. All three will play in the room for hours together :) I love it!

- His favorite toys right now are his blocks, sensory balls, books and his new music table thingy. Oh I cant forget he likes to use Dave and myself as jungle gyms..

- Allen is such a chatterbox1 He will be in his seat in the car and just talking away. His favorite words are Mama, Dada, Papa, Baba, No No, Nun Nun {nummies} and Ball.. When he is tired, its always mamama mamama... ;)

Happy Ten Months, Love Bug!!!