Wednesday, March 27, 2013

San Francisco Trip Photo Dump!

Monday was supposed to be a big purge day for me.. I had so many items to check off of my to do list.. 


That all went out the window when my dad text me asking if the kids and I wanted to go somewhere. Of course I said yes! I also knew that we were gonna head to San Francisco. My dad has been wanting to go for a while, so he finally picked a day...

The kids were so excited to get out of the house and ride in papa's car. They had no idea where we were going, but then overheard my dad on the phone. 

Reagan yelled "Papa are we gonna see Nemo?!?"
Allen Yelled "Papa I wanna see Octopi!!!"
DJ yelled "I wanna see Sharks!!!"

All three kids in the car...

Our first stop was Marin Headlands... DJ and Allen were more than willing to take pictures in front of the Big Red Bridge! Reagan, not so much.. In majority of the pictures, Reagan has a grumpy face or is completely hiding her face. 

My Boys...
We got a smile...

Papa and his Grandsons :)

Mama and her babies... 

We finally made it to the Aquarium of the Bay... I have only been to the Aquarium once and the kids have never gone.. Surprisingly, Allen was the most intrigued with everything. DJ and Reagan were more or less just messing around and acting up.. It kinda pissed me off.. From now on, my dad is only taking one kid at a time.. All three were too much for him.. lol My grandparents did the same thing with me and my sister..


Allen petting the Starfish.. Afterwards, his hands got really red and his face got all splotchy. 

Reagan petting the Jellyfish...

DJ petting the Jellyfish...

The kids finally saw Nemo & Dori!! They were yelling with excitement and everyone around us were laughing...

Allen finally got to see his Octopi!! He just about sh*t his pants!! This kid loves them!!

Right when we got to Pier 39, Reagan said "Mommy it smells like crab!! Can we have some crab, please!" My dad and I both laughed! This girl loves her seafood! 

Have a great wednesday!!!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Misc Monday & Giveaway Winner!!!

Hello Monday... 

- The kids are out of school for the week.. I guess I should get my straight jacket ready for tomorrow or wednesday.. 
just kidding...

- I have my weight check tomorrow! the time has finally come! I am so ready to get back on the Surrogacy track! 

- I decided to pamper myself on saturday and got a mani/pedi.. The kids were acting up, so I made them take naps. Dave was home, so I decided to sneak out! 

- We have had so many birthday parties and other events for the past 6 weeks.. I can't wait until their is a break.. We had to skip a party on saturday because the kids were acting up and were so cranky. 

- I made Velata Dipped Peeps on a Stick for Reagan's Class on friday! The kids loved them!


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And now for the exciting stuff!!!

The winner of the $60 Kiki La Rue Giveaway is:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be emailing you within 24 hours. 

I hope you all have a blessed monday!!!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Fun with Scents & Chocolate!!

I am one who absolutely loves Easter!

I love making Easter Baskets with things that people will actually use instead of just eat.. I have started making Easter Baskets for my Aunts, Sister in Law and a few other family members.. These aren't your regular Easter Baskets... I have filled mine with Scentsy Goodies!!!

My family loves Scentsy.. Pft.. Who can blame them?!?

Since we have New Scentsy Buddies, I asked the kids what buddies they liked and I am going to surprise them with their favorite buddies in their Easter Baskets!!

I am in the process of reaching my Monthly Goal and would love some help!! Is there anything you have been eyeing? I am loving all of the new warmers, scents & buddies!

Only for a limited time and only for Hosts!! Have you been wanting to have a party, but things have been too busy?! Not to worry, my friend! You can have an online party and still get those April Host Rewards!! Message me for details!! 

Now is the time to sign up with Velata if you have been thinking about it!! When you sign up, you get an extra $40 worth of product in your Starter Kit!!

There are some new exciting things coming up with Velata and they are having a great sale!! 
Check it out and get some chocolate. You know you want to!

There are so many things you can do with Velata...

Take a look:

Chocolate Dipped Peeps on a Stick!

Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Waffles!!!

Make sure you get your goodies in time for Easter!!!

So if there is anything catching your eye, don't forget to swing by my ScentsyVelata & Grace Adele websites and check them out! 

** I am very close to my Monthly Sales Goal, Would you like to help?! **
Message me for my monthly specials!!


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Spring!!!

So the first day of spring is rainy in my northern california neighborhood..

I have decided to link up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting.. Hoping that spring weather will be here soon!! 

So, without further adieu...

**Since Pinterest wouldn't let me get the embedded links, this is all via my Pinterest Page...

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Also, my Kiki La Rue Giveaway is still going on!! Don't forget to enter!!!
Just a few more days!!!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kiki La' Rue Giveaway!!!

Alright Ladies & Gents!!

I am so excited to have this giveaway going on!! I have been waiting to get something from Kiki La' Rue, but want to lose some extra lbs before I do.. So why not have a giveaway on this little blog of mine!

If you haven't heard of Kiki La' Rue, then you might have been living under a rock.. just kidding. maybe ;)  They are a fashion forward boutique with designer clothing & accessories at a affordable price that won't put you into debt! One thing I love about Kiki La Rue is that it caters to all sizes!! I have been adding items to my wishlist and cant wait to get them!! Here are a few of my favorite pieces!!!

Okay, back to the giveaway...

We are offering ONE LUCKY WINNER $60 to their SHOP!!! 

Are you excited?!? Do you have a wish list that you have been adding to?!?
Now's your chance to grab a few of those items!

Winner will be announced on Monday, March 25th!
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So head on over to Kiki La Rue and start shopping!!!!

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