Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photo Dump...

Its been like a month and a half... A lot has been going on!

Reagan had her JAMZ Cheer Competition at Six Flags last month! They took 2nd but definitely should have gotten First!

Reagan got the Spirit Stick at Cheer & DJ and Reagan went skating for the first time!!

Allen crashed at papa's house. It was a lot worse in person :(

Reagan and her team took FIRST PLACE at the SYF Championships on the 2nd! They were so excited and it was a well deserved win!!

Reagan: Doc McStuffins, DJ: Super Mario, Allen: Sully

Little Surro Babe is 17 weeks!! I have an amnio next week that I am pretty nervous about, but I believe everything will be fine :)

Mama Got herself a New Car!!!! I love my new Van!!!

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