Monday, March 21, 2011

Home Management/Family Binder...

I finally made my Binder.. Yay Go Me!!

**Don't forget to Link Up when you are done making yours!!! It will be open till 3/31**

First off I got my templates from A Bowl Full Of Lemons, Iheart Organizing and Organized Home.

The things you will need are:
Hole Puncher
Pencil pouch

The categories that apply to my household are: Calendar

Menu Planning
To Do

Are you ready?!?.....

"Calendar" is my first tab. I used this free template for my "week at a glance." I love the blue and it looks so fresh.

I got my Monthly Calendars from Iheart Organizing HERE. (All you need to do is hit download and save it to your computer). She has a lot of her templates free just for the month of March, Because of this Challenge/Task.

Next is my "Schedules" tab. I got these from Iheart Organizing HERE. I thought this one was really neat. I may switch it up and use it as a weekly schedule/goal list. Once the kids get into sports/activities, I will use a different approach.

Now off to my "Menu Planning" tab. I couldn't find any cute ones, so I bought THIS template from Iheart Organizing's Etsy site. You can also personalize it with your last name and if you want to have things already put on it.
I also downloaded a "Master Grocery List" from HERE.

Now for my "Finances" tab. Iheart Organizing has THIS cute template that you can download for free!

My "To Do" Tab.. I got THIS template from Organized Home. Its very simple and straight to the point. Love it!

"Cleaning" tab time!! This is another template from Iheart Organizing that I purchased on her ETSY site. I absolutely love it!
The next tab is "School." I haven't found any cute templates that I like yet. When I do, this section will hold each child's absences excuse forms, teacher welcome letters, phone numbers, school calendars, etc. Anything pertaining to "school" goes here.

Then the "Medical" tab. All medical & health insurance information goes here. Phone numbers, copies of insurance cards, immunization records (copies) & physical records (copies) are kept here. 

The "Contacts" tab.

The list of contacts you should have in your binder are:
Local Businesses
Kids "friends" Parents
Gas, Electric, Water, Cable, Cell, Mortgage #'s
*I created a spread sheet in "word" and typed up all of the names & numbers.

along with THIS Emergency List template from Organized Home.

Last but lot least the "Misc." tab. This tab has Important Dates, Birthday Stuff and anything else you want to put in it. I used the Important Dates template from Iheart Organizing HERE. The Birthday stuff I found at Organized Home, HERE and HERE.

And there you have it!!!! Here is my almostfinished Binder!

I got the Cover Template from Iheart Organizing HERE...

So... What do you think?!? Go make one, they are super fun and I am already loving mine!

When you make yours, let me know!! I can't wait to see all of yours!


Brittni said...

I love this idea!

Jenny said...

That is such a cute organizer!! I love it.

Heather said...

I am going to do this! I have been looking for something like this for ages! I will be linking this on my blog!

Breanna said...

When you guys make yours, let me know!

I will definitely come and check it out!!

Anna said...


I'm your newest follower from the Monday Madness blog hop. I look forward to reading future posts! This is such a great idea!

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Bethany said...

Once again you have inspired me.