Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh, hello june..

How in the world is it almost JUNE?!?

This year is in the fast lane and I don't think its gonna slow down any time soon. These next 2 months are going to be crazy busy! We have so much going on in June and July, I am sure I will fall off of the blogging wagon a few times.. lol

Lets see, First off, Miss Reagan is graduating Preschool on the 5th! I can't believe that she will be going into kindergarten in the fall. She has grown into such a beautiful little girl and I can't wait to watch her soar in school!

Second, We have DJ's Sixth Birthday... Hold on, let me read that again... Yes, my first born will be Six years old on the 18th. We are having a Super Mario Theme Party at a local pizza place. He is really into Super Mario Bros and wants everything in that theme! We have invited a bunch of friends from school and I can't wait to party it up!

Third, I will be starting all of my IVF Meds within the next two weeks. My cycle should be starting soon {is that tmi for you?!} and on CD2 I will start taking my BCP's :) After 5 different types of prenatals, I have finally found ones that don't make me sick! Lucky number six I guess.. So during all of this crazyness, I will be giving myself 1-2 shots a day for the month of june and until our transfer which will more than likely be the 1st week of july. After the transfer, I will have to continue the PIO shots until I am 12 weeks pregnant.. Human Pin Cushion right here...

July is busy because we will have the Transfer!!! I will fly down to LA and be there for a few days.

Miss Reagan will be turning FIVE on the 22nd of July. Holy Crap, where is the time going?? She wants a Lalaloopsy Theme Party! She is turning into a little sassy pants! She wants to invite all of her gal pals from school and have a fun girly party!

Things will be a little slow here... Our laptop broke and we have to send it in. Thankfully my dad is letting me use his today :)

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Busy Mama...

These past few days/weeks have been so busy! A lot of Surrogacy Stuff, Kids Stuff & Family Stuff...

Friday, Dave had to go and get his blood work done, so Allen and I tagged along! It was convenient since I had to swing by my OB's office and pick up a test results paper. Everything is good and I should be getting contracts within the next week!

This weekend was busy with Scentsy Parties & Family Time. My Gramma has been on the west coast for a little over a month and she started driving back home to Tennessee this morning. Prayers for safe travels for her :)

Monday, DJ got to pass out invites to his SIXTH Birthday Party!! He is so excited to have a Super Mario Party at a Pizza Place! I had both DJ & Reagan's IEP Meetings and Reagan will be going to speech in Kindergarten this year and DJ has officially met all of his goals and has since been released!!! I am so amazed at how far the both of them have come!

Yesterday we decided to get Allen a Haircut. His hair was getting so long and it was poking him in the eyes. He was so excited to sit in a Car Chair.. This is what my baby big boy looks like now!

Dj has had a loose tooth for about 3 weeks now. The other day we tried doing the floss/door trick at my dads, but he freaked and didn't want to do it. Well, yesterday I gave him some ultimatums he couldn't refuse/pass up and we finally got that sucker out!!! He cried for about 10 seconds because he had blood in his mouth, but once he knew that it was gone, he was Mr. Cool and thought it was the greatest thing in the world!! This was also his FIRST tooth that he got as a baby!

{If you look closely, you can see his adult tooth already out!}

So that has been our week...

Hope you all have a great wednesday!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Surrogacy Update: Moving Forward!

{Copied from my Surrogacy Blog}

Yesterday, I flew to LA for my Re-Evaluation :)

I got to the airport around 6:45a and my flight didn't leave until 8:10a. So I walked around and tried to calm my nerves :) I got a sweet email from my IP's the night before saying to relax and have a nice time. It made me feel better!

Once I got to LAX, my Caseworker picked me up and we headed to CFP. We got there around 10:45 and my appt wasn't until 11:30, so we were able to check in early and I went back for blood work and urine test. I have a pretty little bruise now... At around 11:15 I was called back to the room and was told to get undressed from my waist down. About 5 minutes later, the nurse came in and told me that I needed to get weighed. I wrapped a blanket around me and I went to get weighed. I'm not back into the room 5 minutes and she comes back in and says "You're gonna hate me. We have to go and get your height now.." I just laughed..

{In Surro Land, this is known as the Weenie Wand}

After all of that, my Dr came in and we chatted. He was very happy with my weight loss {YAY!!!}. We talked a little and then he started the Sonohysterogram. This time I didn't really cramp! He said that my lining is absolutely perfect and that I need to start taking Prenatals. So I have finally finished all of the screening and can now move to CONTRACTS!!!! We just have to wait for all of the blood work from dave/myself to come back. That should only take about 5-7 days.

It was now off to see the nurse for my Meds!!! I got a bag full of Prenatal Samples. The one that everyone likes was gone, so she is going to order me some! I was told that I will be taking Birth Control Pills {BCP's}, Lupron, Estradiol {Delestrogen} & Progesterone. So once I start my cycle/period {CD1}, I need to call her and I will start BCP's on CD2. After that I will begin the Lupron Shots for 7 days. Then its the Estradiol Shots every 3 days. Then I do Labs & u/s of my lining. Then its on to Progesterone. I am so confused but my nurse is amazing and is going to send me detailed instructions for everything along with my calendar!!

I am so excited that things are moving!!!!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

A little of this and that...

Our weekend was a busy one! 

Saturday Reagan was in a parade with her cheer squad.. She had so much fun!!

Then after the parade, we had to rush over to her friends Princess Birthday Party! Reagan decided to dress up as Rapunzel :)

This was the only picture I was able to get.. My stupid phone kept turning off.. 

Sunday was a pretty boring day.. Groceries and Cleaned the house.

I did however notice this on DJ's outer thigh:

This right here, my friends, is Ringworm... So Mr. DJ is staying home from school today and I will be taking him into the drs to get some antibiotics. I remember having this around his age and I absolutely hated it! It itched so bad... 

Today I am also scheduling my appt to see Dr. R for my Re-Evaluation!!! I am hoping for May 16th, since Dave has it off :) 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm not Crazy!

{Copied this from my Surro Blog}

Yesterday Dave and I hauled ass drove safely to San Francisco to meet with our Psychologist and take my PAI Test! Traffic was a complete mess but thank god for the carpool lanes! I may have use the carpool lane in the bay area when it was 3+, but time was of the essence and we needed to get to our appt on time! We were supposed to be at our appt by 10:15. We pulled up to the Valet at 10:00.. Bam!

{This is the only picture Dave got... Thanks Hubs.}

We got up to the office and let them know that we were there for a 10:30 appt. First off, some of those questions were really weird! I had to go into a little room where the receptionist put a laptop in front of me so I could take the test... Some of the questions were:

- I contemplate Suicide on a daily basis... 
Umm No!

- I don't like getting ads in the mail... 
Umm Yes! I freaking hate ads cluttering up my mail box!

- I often feel like a Loner... 
Uh Nope! I'm a social butterfly and love all of my friends! 

- My favorite Poet is Leonard Whatsoever.. 
Umm Who?!

After my testing, I went back out into the waiting room with Dave. A few minutes later we were called back to talk to our Psychiatrist. She was really nice and made us feel comfortable. Se asked both Dave and I questions about our decision to proceed with our Surrogacy Journey and some more private questions.

After all of that, she let me know that I had PASSED the PAI Test and that I am Not Crazy! hahaha

So the Psych Eval is checked off our To Do List!!!

Still To Do:

- LA for my Re-Evaluation with Dr. R
- Contracts!
- Schedule Transfer!!!!!

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