Thursday, April 30, 2009

Video of the dealership closing... ;(

Here is all the news coverage from the dealership closing and Chrysler going Bankrupt.

Go visit Here.

this sucks!!!


Dave called me from work and told me that they are laying EVERYONE off at the dealership. PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

I'm so pissed ! we were just getting things back in order and this has to happen. I guess they are 6.9 billion in debt and they are filing for bankruptcy (sp?). He is going to file for unemployment while he is looking for another job.

I'm going to start looking for a job Photobucket too because we need a backup if anything like this happens again.

He is going to apply for the California Highway Patrol again and I'm hoping Photobucket and praying Photobucket that the 2nd time is a charm.

I'm going to try and apply for some sort of assistance while we are in this bind also.

Please Pray That We Miraculously Get Out Of This Situation!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our First Play Group Play Date!!!

Today was DJ's first play group! I joined a Play Group for the city I live in.

Today we met at a park and did a Mothers Day Craft! DJ had a lot of fun! He got to make a Mothers Day Card and a Popsicle Stick Frame. He didn't understand the whole concept but the finished products are adorable!



After we made the crafts we went and played at the park with all the other mom's and kids. He was running all over the place and would climb up and go down the slides like 20 times. He was not happy at all when we had to go. He cried the whole way to the car.

Tonight we are meeting at Baskin Robbins for their "31 Cent Scoop Night" which will be a lot of fun!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

True or False ?!?!?!

List 8 things about yourself- 4 truths & 4 lies.
Readers will guess which is which by leaving comments.
In a few days, when you think enough people have guessed,
reveal your answers with another post.

1. I love western movies

2. My favorite show is Greys Anatomy

3. I was pregnant with twins

4. Ive never had a broken bone

5. I dropped out of high school my senior year

6. I've been to jail

7. Dave and I were together 4 months before getting pregnant with DJ

8. I want to have atleast 1 more baby

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Movies, New Hair Cut Week 14

Its been getting pretty hot here and DJ's hair is so thick and long. He gets overheated easily and drips sweat. So yesterday my dad and I went and took him to Super cuts and tried to get his hair cut, but once we sat down he FLIPPED OUT! The lady there was a freaking bitch and said "Your going to have to calm your son down or we cant cut his hair" In the rudest tone. I ripped off the smock and threw it on the ground and said "We will go somewhere else." My dad started to talk shit on the way out.. I kept laughing at him.

So I got my dads clippers and cut his hair at home. Dave had to hold him and hold his hands down. I don't know why he freaks out, his first 2 hair cuts he was great. Oh well. We were using the 4 guard and it wasn't working so I put the 2 guard on and DJ leaned forward and it took a big chunk off. I almost started crying! I didn't want it that short! So after about 10 minutes of fighting with him we got his hair done, for the most part.

Here is the Before:


And After:



My baby's Innocence is gone... =(

Today my aunt came down and watched DJ and Reagan for us so we could go to the movies. We saw Crank High Voltage! It was AWESOME!!!! The very first scene was the very last scene of the first Crank. I LOVE Jason Statham!!


It was so nice to go out and do something without the kids. The last time Dave and I went to the movies we saw Pirates Of The Carribean when I was pregnant with DJ... So just about 2 years!
Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please Pray For Kayleigh!!

Please pray for Kayleigh.

She is not doing well. A few days after her surgery she started to get worse, she is not waking up. She is breathing and her sats are good, but no movement besides her muscles contracting. They did an EEG and the tests came back that a big portion of her brain (cerebral cortex) is not working and may never work again. The dr.s are saying that she has a flat reading, which is another term for brain dead. The did a second EEG and her brain waves have not changed.

Please take a few minutes and pray for this family. They need a miracle.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Babies Are Getting Too Big :(

I cant believe how fast the kids are growing..

10 Things About DJ


1. He is infatuated with The Backyardigans, and has to watch 1 episode before bed.

2. He loves playing with Reagan.

3. He always has to sit in the basket part of the shopping cart where ever we go. That way he can play with all of the goodies we put in the basket.

4. He is such a cuddlebug. I love when he falls asleep in my arms :)

5. His vocabulary has exploded. I love that he can put sentances together to let me know what he wants or if he is tattling on Reagan.

6. He LOVES being naked and always strips down right when we walk in the house.

7. He loves taking baths. He can play in the bath all day if I let him.

8. He loves to play soccer and will only kick the ball with his left leg, eventhough he is right-handed.

9. DJ has a blanket that he takes EVERYWHERE! He rubs the corners when he sleeps.

10. He loves his papa and Auntie Brittney. He asks about papa on a hourly basis. (of course he loves all of his grandparents, he just sees my dad most of the time)

10 Things About Reagan


1. She is always getting into something new every 10 minutes.

2. She loves following DJ around, and cries when he closes doors on her.

3. She still has NO teeth ?!?

4. She started crawling at 6 months old.

5. She can stand by herself for a good 5 seconds. And took a few steps last night!!!

6. She loves to watch cartoons with DJ in the morning when they wake up.

7. She loves to eat and will find cherrios in her toys. We call her a food

8. She has to be swaddled in order to fall asleep...

9. She has started saying "mama" & "Dada"

10. She scrunches her nose and laughs when she is happy or excited.

...They are getting so big...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Awards... Week 13

First things first :)

I got some really great Blog Awards :)

The first one is a "Certified Queen of Blogs" award given to me by Priscilla. Our Juners are 1 day apart and her daughter is too cute!!!


I dont know how many people I can send this to, So I will send it to 4 people :)

Justi @ Dont Blink.

Janice @ Unwillingly Springerish.

Amber @ The Hooper Family.

Bridget Mama Belly Blog.

Next I have another Award :)

It is the "Makes My Heart Smile" award.


I have to choose 10 favorite blogs that make my heart smile :)

Caroline @ Caroline's Blog.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Change of plan...

When my blog went private, a lot of friends and family couldnt get to it and log on to google. SO i have decided to open it back up...

For Now...


Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter... Week 12

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We went to my dads house for a BBQ and to hunt for eggs :)

Saturday DJ and I colored eggs. DJ tends to throw the eggs in the cups. So we ended up with 14 cracked eggs out of 18. No biggie :) He kept having trouble getting the eggs out with the wand/holder thing, so he just stuck his hands in and grabbed them... lol



Before we left for my dads house, DJ was giving Reagan Kisses!


When we got to my dads house, he had the kid's Easter baskets on the table for them. DJ of course picked out the soccer basket. So that left Reagan with the baseball one. DJ took off with his and i set Reagan's down on the floor for her. At first she had a look on her face like "Hey, this is mine?!?!?!" She started to dig in and get all of the goodies out.



While the BBQ was warming up Dave took the kids on a ride in the wagon. Reagan started to fall asleep so we took the kids inside and put Reagan down and Dave got DJ down. While the kids were asleep we had the ADULT EGG HUNT! Those are really fun! It was Dave, Brittney, and myself. There was CASH in all 12 of the eggs and 1 egg had a gift card to the movies. We would each get 4 eggs to make it fair.


My dad decided it would be fun if he video taped it. Well he had all of us with our backs towards the front yard. When he said GO Dave and Brittney took off. I wasn't worried because if i didn't get my 4 someone had to give me some. Well right off the bat Dave and Brittney run after 1 egg and Dave dives for it and misses, so Brittney got it. It was hilarious!!! I'm so glad my dad taped it. I'm getting a copy of it today so it will be up later! After we got all of the eggs, we opened them and had all of our numbers. My dad gave us the envelopes with the numbers on them and we opened them. Brittney had $25, I had $28, and Dave had $21 & the gift card! When we figure out what movie we want to see, my dad will watch the kids!!!

Brittney counting her winnings


DJ & Reagan woke up about 10 minutes after we got done watching our egg hunt. So Brittney and I went and hid the eggs for DJ and Reagan. We got DJ and Reagan out there to look for eggs. Brittney takes DJ around with her and i take Reagan. I kept sitting Reagan down by the eggs and she would reach for them and start licking them.. lol DJ did pretty good, i think he might be too young still. He will be a lot more involved next year.





We go inside and i see that DJ's legs are red, puffy, and hot to the touch. It looks like he got bit by something. I have my dad check it out and we see bite marks. I run to the store and get some Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream for his legs. After about 2 hours his legs look a lot better, and this morning his legs looked fine.


We got home around 6pm after being there since 11am. We had to go back to my dads house twice, I left my camera there so Dave went and got it. Then we noticed that DJ's blanket was missing so i called my dad and it was on his table. So i drive over and get it. Thank goodness we only live about 5 miles away.

REAGAN CAN STAND BY HERSELF!!!!! She started pulling herself up and holding onto my shirt then letting go!!!!. She can stand by herself for a good 3-5 seconds! She will be walking before she gets any teeth.. LMAO


well i better end this, gotta get dinner going :)

I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My poor Doodlebug...

DJ has been running a fever all day and has not been his self :( His temp this morning was 102.3 and when we went to the dr.s it was 101.4

He doesnt want to eat anything or drink anything. I feel so bad for him. He has been getting tylenol every 4 1/2 hours and his temp is still pretty high. When we were at the dr.s they checked his ears and everything was fine, they also did a throat culture to see if he has strep. I should find out tomorrow what the verdict is.

Tonight before we put him to bed his temp was 101.9 I hope he feels better soon... :(



Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Night Terrors

DJ has been getting Night Terrors a lot. He will wake up screaming, crying, kicking, and throwing his body all around. It scared me the first time he did it cause I thought he was having a seizure or something.

Last night he had one about 2 hours after he went to bed. He woke up screaming his head off and throwing his arms and legs around. I picked him up and took him into our bed and tried to calm him down. He finally calmed down after about 10-15 minutes of screaming. He fell back asleep about 3 minutes later.

There are no real treatments for NT's so you just have to deal with them. I was reading a website about Night Terrors. They talk all about them and get into detail with what causes NT's. Here are a few things about NT's:

  • Night terrors are also called sleep terrors or pavor nocturnus.
  • Similar to sleepwalking and sleeptalking, night terrors are considered to be a disorder of arousal and are a partial arousal from non-REM sleep.
  • Unlike a nightmare, children usually don't recall having a night terror.
  • Also unlike nightmares, night terrors usually occur in the early part of the night, about 1 to 4 hours after going to sleep.
  • If your child gets night terrors, make sure that baby sitters and other caregivers are aware of them and know what they should do if one occurs.
  • Most children outgrow night terrors as they get older.

It also says that NT's affect around 15% of children ages 2-6, and they also can happen at any age.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Our Trip To San Luis Obispo... Week 11 :)

Wow what a crazy weekend! We made it down there and back safely!

So Thursday i woke up at 6:30 am and started getting things ready and start doing laundry so we would have clean clothes for the trip. Lets fast forward throughout the day.... Did laundry, packed, etc... Well Dave gets DJ to sleep around 9:15pm and we finish up all the little packing. Well around 11pm guess who comes out of the room.... DJ he woke up at 11 pm and didn't want to go back to sleep. We tried to have him lay with Dave in the bed so he would fall back asleep but no luck....

So Dave layed down so he could get a few hours of sleep, well he only slept for about 1 hour because i needed help. So he was up while i was getting the rest of the odds and ends together. Finally around 2am i start making coffee so we can wake up... let me remind you i have been up since 6:30am Thursday. We pack everything up and get on the road around 2:30-45am.

DJ finally passed out around 3am and I cant sleep while in the car. It just freaks me out... The trip was very long because Dave and I were so tired. We stopped at almost every rest stop so we could stand out in the cold freezing wind and wake up!


We get to Kettelman City & highway46 and DJ starts waking up. Its about 7am and i am so damn tired! Dave took the 5 hour energy shots and it lasted a few hours. When the sun started to shine i was waking up more. We were right next to the Madonna Inn and DJ decides to get car sick. I was trying to clean him up and get all the puke off of him and he does it again. Finally i just left him like that, since we were only about 15 minutes from the In laws house.


We finally arrive to our destination... The kids are sick of there car seats and want OUT! We give hugs and unload all our bags. I take DJ out to the back yard so he can run around and stretch his legs.


We relax most of the day and color Easter eggs. We then went to McLintocks for dinner. It is a really neat restaurant. DJ fell asleep on the way there and slept in the high chair almost the whole time we were there. It was nice having a somewhat quiet dinner :) but I'm surprised as to how he slept through all the noise. We get back to the house and DJ wants to help water the flowers in the back yard, he had fun!



DJ and Reagan were both acting up and getting into everything. DJ was not listening for anything, I was getting so frustrated! He finally goes down at 9:30pm and I pass out around the same time... So lets calculate - I was up from 6:30am Thursday till 9:30pm Friday... That equals one tired mommy!



Saturday was a fun day! We went to Pismo Beach and took the kids to the water. We stayed there for a few minutes then left to go to the Pier and eat lunch.


We get to the Pier and eat lunch then the In laws go home so George can rest and Dorothy can start the Turkey Dinner. The kids had a blast at the ocean. DJ was running all around and Reagan was trying to eat all of the sand... I got pretty burnt while we were there. There was a slight breeze and the kids started to get cold, so we packed up and walked around to all the shops. I was so surprised that DJ fell asleep before Reagan did.









After the Ocean and Shopping we go home. We have a Turkey Dinner and get the kids in the bath. This was the first time Reagan sat in the bath w/o her bath seat. She kept slipping and sliding. So we get the kids down and pass out.


Sunday was Easter Egg Hunt and Leaving day.... Dave and I hid all the Easter eggs in the back yard and DJ had fun looking for them. He got about 2/3rds done and decided he was going to do something else. But we finally got him to get all of the eggs. After we got done with the egg hunt we packed up and went to brunch...





We start heading home around 1pm and pull into the drive way around 6:30pm. This time it seemed a lot faster and the kids did okay. DJ watched The Backyardigans almost the whole way home.

So that was our weekend.... I'm so glad to be home!