Friday, December 31, 2010

We have a date!

First off, My appt went great. Got into the office about 10 minutes before my appt and gave the girls our Christmas card {from shutterfly} and everyone was loving it! Anyways... Got weighed and only gained 1lb whoo hoo, gave my urine sample {as best as I could, at least} and then went into the last room on the right :) After a few minutes my nurse came in and took my bp, which was perfect. Then I waited...

Dr finally came in and we talked about baby and that we were going to measure Allen and then he wanted to check me {first time ever that my Dr checked me}. First off was the fluid, measuring in at 5.2 which is kinda low. Allen's head was measuring a few days behind at 37.1 weeks, which is good considering I have big headed children.. lol His tummy on the other hand was measuring 40 weeks {eeek!} Then we measured his chicken legs. Those little suckers are going to be long. So all in all, Allen is measuring in at 8lbs {yikes!} DJ was 8lbs 1oz at birth and he was a hard delivery with the use of 2 different size vacuums and a pair of forceps. So Dr decided an induction was a good idea. He told me to undress from the waist down and he would see if my cervix was ripened enough for induction. He checked me and I was a 1.5-2cm on the inside and a 2-3cm on the outside. He said {Perfect!}

So I get dressed and then go out and set my induction up with the nurse. My Dr is going by my first due date of Jan 12th. So the nurse calls the hospital and voila... We have a date!

♥ Allen James will be here on January 6, 2011 ♥

I have to go into my Dr's on Wednesday for an appt before the induction so Dr can see the baby one last time in my belly and make sure he is still head down. Also he is going to give me Cytotec to help my cervix {if needed}. Then I go home and spend some quality one on one time with each of my babies :)

I am scheduled to be at L&D at 4am on Thursday morning. I have to call about 1-2 hours before to make sure they have a bed for me. My dad will either spend the night at our house or just come over at 3am that morning {I love him!} When I get there I will get signed in, registered and then get started on an IV of fluids and pitocin. I am so nervous about being induced because of the horror stories I have heard on BBC and from friends, but I trust my body and am praying for a safe delivery.

I feel like Thursday is so far away and that I have so much to do... But its really just right around the corner!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our year in review... Goodbye 2010...

Kids had dentist appts and both are Cavity Free. Kids made cupcakes for Papa's Birthday. Holy Cake Balls. Lots of rainy days. I finished my 52 weeks of a Busy Moms Life. Lots of blog awards. Started planning our trips to Disneyland & Tennessee. Saints beat the Ravens {hahahaha}. Had my 400th post.

DJ had his 1 year checkup for his Tubes, He is now free and clear. Celebrated 2 years of blogging {Go Me!}. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Won a $100 Gift Cert to PajamaGram on a fellow Bloggers Blog. Flashback Thursdays began. Reagan got her first Busted Lip. DJ got a Big Boy Bed. Had Gallbladder Surgery, which was completely unexpected. Happy Valentine's Day.

Two E.R. trips in one month. Packing for Tennessee. Leaving on a Jet Plane. Ear infections. Strep Throat. Visiting family IN Tennessee. Kids had a blast on the plane and visiting their cousins for the first time. Lots and Lots of pictures. Reagan meeting her Great Grandma for the first time. Meeting a Fellow June 2007 Mom.

Walked the March of Dimes. Went out with friends that were in town. {Got Pregnant}. Had Easter at Dads house. Started Potty Training Reagan = Fail. Got the paperwork for DJ's Preschool Registration. Road Trips to Tahoe & Reno. Visited Scheels & Cabelas. Lots of Migraines.

Holy Crap, We're Pregnant. I have a good brain, Per CT Scan. Joined a play group. Started going to the Lowes Build N Grow Clinics, DJ built lots of fun things. Happy Mother's Day. Vasectomy talk. 3 year wedding anniversary. Blog Construction. Tried getting rid of binkies = Fail. Pregnancy scare. Park Play with our Play Group. Morning sickness starts... Bunco. Sassy Momma meet ups.

IEP Meetings for DJ. Happy 3rd Birthday DJ. First Dr appt and u/s. Got to see our little Peanut for the first time. Lots of trips to El Toritos for chips and salsa, oh and Shirley Temples. Our Flat Screen TV finally died on us, even though we had only had it 2 years {never buy Phillips}. Tearful Chick Flicks. Hello 2nd Trimester.

Free Slurpee's on 7/11. DJ now has an Imaginary Friend. Happy 4th of July. Happy 2nd Birthday Reagan. New Maternity Clothes. More ultrasounds and sneak peaks at Peanut. Giveaways. Intelligender said: Girl. Yummy Kugele. New hair do.

Family Reunion in Tahoe. Baby Bumps. Half way mark for the pregnancy. Niello Annual Company Party at the River cats Game this year. A day at the river with the kids. Found my Bridesmaid Dress. DJ starts Preschool!!

Happy 26th Birthday to Me. DJ's first week of school is in the books. Started the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Failed the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Picking a name for Peanut. It's a BOY! Intelligender was wrong. Labor & Delivery Trips. Hello Viability. Reagan got a Concussion and had to get 3 CT Scans, Ambulance Ride and an overnight stay at the Pediatrics Unit. Amber & Andrews Wedding.

Missing relatives. Hello 3rd Trimester. Allen's Baby Shower. Cute baby hats. Pumpkin crafts. DJ's first field trip. Pumpkin Patches. Allen's coming home outfit picked out. Glucose test = Pass/Win. Happy Halloween. Tinkerbell & Spider man.

Baby Pool. Black Friday scouting. Cookie Decorating. L&D to stop contractions, 2 bags of fluid, 2 terb shots, 2 pills.. 9 hours later I was going home. Shutterfly. Happy Thanksgiving. Making my hospital bag list. Black Friday shopping. Good Deals.

Papa's Hunting Buddies. Santa letters. Christmas wish lists. Christmas lights. Self Maternity Pics. Stood 3 hours in line for the Yo Gabba Gabba Meet & Greet. Reindeer Cupcakes. DJ's Christmas Party at school. Full Term. Merry Christmas. Where are you Allen???

This year has been full of ups and downs. Cant wait to see what 2011 brings!

38 week dr appt tomorrow!

I have my 38 week Dr appt tomorrow! This is going to be an exciting appt because I am going to schedule my induction!!!

Dr is going to measure Allen, Fluids and all the other good stuff. Then we are going to talk about Allen's Birth-Day! He doesn't do inductions before 39 weeks so the earliest I can pick is 1/2/11 - 1/5/11. Dave said I should just ask him if I can go across the street and start my induction after my appt.. lol It would be nice to have him before new years, but he is the boss till he gets evicted. {hehehe} I just hope he hasn't grown too big, at my last appt he was 7lbs 7oz. DJ was 8lbs 1oz and I just about died pushing him out {not fun}...

I am so ready to meet this little boy, its insane. I still have some things to get so after my appt I will know how much time I have before he is here to get everything :) DJ and Reagan keep going into my room looking for baby brother and talking to my belly. I love that they are somewhat understanding that there will be a baby here soon. DJ says "I be nice to baby Allen and give him hugs" and "DJ don't hit baby Allen because he will cry." lol {Good to know!}

Can't wait till my appt!!!

Whoo Hoo!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas {a little late}

The kids had an amazing Christmas! DJ woke up and started yelling "Santa was here and I have presents!!" haha. He tried waking Reagan up to open presents but she just wanted to sleep, which I don't blame her!

So we brought all of the presents into our room and let the kids open them on our bed {it was so easy to clean up afterwards}

DJ got lots of Cars/Trucks and his Big Fire Truck that he just about shit his pants when he opened it..
 Reagan is infatuated with Tinkerbell! She loves anything with her on it!
 Can you tell he is happy about his fire truck?!?

 DJ got play handcuffs and police badges and was the cop arresting daddy.. haha

Then it was off to papa's house! They love my dad and love going over to his house all the time. They got the usual from my dad: Clothes :) The kids played, Dave made Kugele and my dad started on linner...

My dad decided to try something different this year for Linner... He made Bread Battered Duck and Merlot Marinated Goose! The duck was amazing, but the Merlot overpowered the goose and it didn't turn out as great as my dad hoped. {He was a little pissed, can you tell?}
{My sister}
 Silly Boy!
 Kids running around playing.. Can't wait till next year, I will have 3 running around!
 My handsome daddy :)
 I think she was a little excited... Don't you?
 Goofing around trying to get Reagan to eat....
 She LOVES Papa's whipped potatoes!
 My little ham bone ;)
I hope you all had an amazing christmas!!!

Allen's Eviction Notice...

Dear Allen James Smith,

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with you, all I could think about was: Who would you look like, If you would take after your brother or your sister, How much you would weigh at birth and How you would make your appearance.

Mommy and Daddy were very shocked when we found out you were on your way! We thought we were done and Daddy had already had his consultation for his vasectomy, but you and god had other plans for us and our family. I waited until I was 16 weeks pregnant with you to tell everyone, that's how scared I was. Finally one day it just clicked and figured that everyone should know that you are coming and since then, you are loved by more and more people each day.

When we found out you were indeed a boy, daddy and I had such a hard time giving you a name. Daddy wanted all of the goofy names and I wanted more modern/unique names. So we both wrote out a list of names, gave it to each other, and then crossed off what names we didn't like. By the end of the crossing out and laughing hysterically over the weird names, we came up with Allen. Allen is your Great Grandpa's middle name and is also not very common right now, Which I LOVE! Your middle name James, just seems to go with it well. But Papa Terry realized that you might be called "AJ" which I am not really happy about.

These last few weeks with you in my belly have been amazing and agonizing at the same time. Your kicks, somersaults and jabs are very reassuring but then again kill mommy. You are one strong little boy and I can not wait to have you in my arms. Your brother and sister cant wait to feed you and hold you. They talk about you all of the time, I think they are a little excited! Everyone is anxious for you to make your appearance.

So as of right now I am serving you your "Eviction Notice." You have until the 31st of December to make your appearance or you will be booted out! Your cute bassinet/pnp that your great grandma got you is all ready for you and the blankets and clothes everyone got you are washed and ready for you too! Mommy has both yours and her hospital bag packed and ready...

We are all just waiting on you!

I love you with all of my heart,

{So please don't make me beg...}

Sunday, December 26, 2010

38 weeks...

How far along: 38 Weeks! This is the week my water broke with Reagan!
Total weight gain/loss: 8/22
Size of the baby: A Leek. Your baby has really plumped up. He weighs about 6.8 pounds and he's over 19 1/2 inches long. He has a firm grasp, which you'll soon be able to test when you hold his hand for the first time! His organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb. Wondering what color your baby's eyes will be? You may not be able to tell right away. If he's born with brown eyes, they'll likely stay brown. If he's born with steel gray or dark blue eyes, they may stay gray or blue or turn green, hazel, or brown by the time he's 9 months old. That's because a child's irises (the colored part of the eye) may gain more pigment in the months after he's born, but they usually won't get "lighter" or more blue. (Green, hazel, and brown eyes have more pigment than gray or blue eyes.)

Sex: Still a BOY!
Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I just went out today and got some really comfy yoga pants that I can wear after baby too! Yay!
Sleep: Sadly no.. Its getting worse and worse every night. I told my friends that I feel like a 90 year old woman with hip and bladder problems.. lol I am so tired of the broken sleep, it makes me even more tired.
Movement: Allen is moving all the time. Sometimes I wonder how on earth he can still groove in the tiny space he has.
Food cravings: Nothing too serious, just Ice and Cherry Pepsi!
Food aversions: None at this time..
Morning sickness: I have been getting nasty waves of nausea :( I hope it ends soon!
Symptoms: My hips have been very sore and like I said earlier, I feel like a 90 year old woman when I am walking or sleeping. Nausea has been bad and I am getting a lot of BH/Contractions. I am also losing my mucus plug.. {gross & gag}
Labor signs: Lots of BH/Contractions, losing my mucus plug... The other day I thought I had broke my water.. Nope...
Belly button in or out: In
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, my ankles {they disappeared somewhere} and not having to pee every 5 minutes!
What I'm looking forward to: My appt on Thursday! Dr will measure Allen and then we will set an induction date for next week!!! Lets hope I don't make it that far!!
Milestones: Having a healthy baby and pretty good pregnancy!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Card!!!

Retro Flakes American Lung Association Holiday 5x7 folded card
Turn your photo into this year's holiday party invitations.
View the entire collection of cards.
Will post more when i get them!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Pictures!!!

Last night we took the kids to Picture People for their Christmas Pics!! They did amazing!

37 Week Appt...

I had my 37 week appt this morning and it went great!

I had to do all of the usual stuff like weight, urine, bp... etc... I gained 1lb this week, so I am now up to 8lbs for this pregnancy! Whoo Hoo, Go Me!!!

I had to get my GBS Swab done today, never really like getting that done. Got dressed and then got to see Allen :)

Allen is still measuring ahead and weighing in at 7lbs 7oz with a big noggin. Dr also checked my fluids since they have been a little low. After checking he told me that they are a little lower than he would like. I think he said they were at a 7.2 {but I cant remember}. So if I don't go into labor on my own by my next appt which is on Dec 30th, He will measure again and then set an induction date for 39 weeks!

I am so excited to actually know that I have less than 2 weeks!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

37 weeks... Full Term!

How far along: 37 weeks... FULL TERM!!!!!
Total weight gain/loss: +7/-23
Size of the baby: A Stalk of Swiss Chard. Your baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and measures a bit over 19 inches, head to heel {Allen is measuring 7lbs 1oz right now}. Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. But don't be surprised if your baby's hair isn't the same color as yours. Dark-haired couples are sometimes thrown for a loop when their children come out as blonds or redheads, and fair-haired couples have been surprised by Elvis look-alikes. And then, of course, some babies sport only peach fuzz.

Your baby is now considered "full term," even though your due date is three weeks away. If you go into labor now, his lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb. Some babies need a bit more time, though. So if you're planning to have a repeat c-section, for example, your practitioner will schedule it for no earlier than 39 weeks unless there's a medical reason to intervene earlier.

Sex: Boy!
Maternity clothes: Of course!
Sleep: Its getting a little better, but I am still tossing and turning.
Movement: All the time. He may not have any room in there but he tends to make room, even if it hurts me.
Food cravings: Milk, Cereal, Ice Cold Cherry Pepsi, Ice Tea, Chicken Wraps..
Food aversions: Nothing really...
Morning sickness: I have been getting waves of nausea, but thank goodness I haven't had to throw up!
Symptoms: My hips and lower back feel like they are going to break, Nasty Headaches, Waves of Nausea, So tired....
Labor signs: Lots of braxton hicks and contractions... They are really starting to hurt :( Allen has also dropped, so I have been getting sharp pains down there...
Belly button in or out: In
What I miss: Being able to sleep through the night and sleeping on my belly...
What I'm looking forward to: Having Allen!! He can literally come any day! Also my 37 week appt on thursday!
Milestones: Having a healthy baby boy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

29 Ways to induce labor naturally

I was looking online and trying to find natural ways to start labor... Here is what I found. I've noticed that some of them are not safe for you, so I have crossed them out! Plus I have added a little note next to each of them.

1. Walking - {I like to pack the kids up and go walk the mall}
2. Galloping - {I seriously laughed at this one..}
3. Acupuncture - {Nothing like getting stuck with needles... *Pass}
4. Pressure points - {Dave gives me foot rubs at night and I tell him to focus on the pressure points ;)}
5. Spicy foods - {Going out for spicy food tonight!}
6. Sex and Orgasm - {I'm so not in the mood, but I will take a few for the team}
7. Nipple stimulation - {My boobs are too sore to even touch them... No thanks!}
8. Pineapple - {Mmmmm Yummy!}
9. Dancing - {The kids and I dance around the house all the time while I clean}
10. Squatting - {I love doing squats}
11. Relaxing - {Hahahaha That is impossible in my house}
12. Meditation and/or visualization {Read #11}
13. Evening primrose oil - {You can either take this orally or vaginally}
14. Red raspberry leaf tea - {Its really yummy and can be found at any health food store}
15. Castor oil - {Tried this *3x* with my daughter, and it did nothing for me. I was on the toilet all night, gave me some nasty contractions BUT it did not make me dilate. Your body needs to be ready in order for this to work.}
16. Herbs (such as black and blue cohosh) - {Do not use Black/Blue Cohosh!}
17. Massage - {Anyone want to buy me a prenatal massage?!?}
18. Glass of wine (Consult your doctor!) - {My Dr said 1 glass of red wine is just fine}
19. Stripping the membranes - {My Dr wont strip till after 39 weeks}
20. Marching up stairs - {I do this every day}
21. Rent a sad movie and cry like crazy {I prefer a romantic/love movie like P.S. I love you. You will be crying like a baby}
22. A really bumpy car ride - {Love car rides!}
23. Bouncing and stretching on a birth or exercise ball - {I gotta go blow mine up. I love to sit on it}
24. Swimming - {Not in this cold ass weather!}
25. Mowing lawn or picking weeds
26. Jump on a swing and start swinging - {I have absolutely no idea how this will cause labor, but it sounds like fun!}
27. Talk to your baby and tell him/her it’s OK to come out now - {I am known for my "3 Day Eviction Letters" and am currently 3/4 babies who have been delivered within 3 days of me sending them one!}
28. Watch a really funny movie and laugh until you pee - {I can just sit and watch my kids do stupid stuff and laugh my ass of! No movie necessary}
29. Get down on all fours and shake that - {Like a dog?}

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Today is DJ's 1/2 birthday! He is officially 3 1/2 years old!

Happy 1/2 Birthday DJ!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reindeer Cupcakes :)

I saw this recipe in my Parents Magazine and thought it would be a great treat for DJ's Preschool Christmas  Party tomorrow! I just got done making 4 dozen of these little guys!

Here are all of the details! {minus the cake mix}
  • 1 Box of Cake Mix
  • Nilla Wafers {Mini's are the best, but I couldn't find any}
  • Pretzels
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Red M&M's {I just bought a bag and took out all of the red ones}
  • Cupcake holders
  • White Chocolate Chips
First I made the cupcakes as directed and let them cool completely.

Then I frosted them with Chocolate Frosting. My hands were so chocolaty ;)

After all of the frosting, I put the Nilla Wafers on them...

It was time for the eyes... I used the White Chocolate Chips :)

Then comes the tricky part... Every time I tried to break the Pretzels in half they would crumble. So I used a knife to cut them...

And then stuck the "antlers" in the cupcakes...

I made all of the reindeer "Rudolph's" and they all got red M&M noses.. I had to put a dab of chocolate frosting on them so they would stick to the wafers..

And tada....

They are all ready for DJ's party tomorrow!!!

36 Week Appt/BP Checks...

Yesterday I had my 36 week appt. They swapped it from today to yesterday since I was going in for a Blood Pressure Check.

On Tuesday I woke up Swollen, Nasty Headache and Nausea. So I called my Dr and they had me go in for a BP Check. My bp was 127/87 which was a little high for me. My bp is normally in the 110/62 range. My Dr isn't too worried about it since I am at the end of my pregnancy.

Anyways... Yesterdays appt went well. BP was 120/80, so it went down a little :) I lost 2lbs within a week! Go me!! I also got to see Allen! My Dr thinks that this will be my biggest baby. {Yikes!} DJ was 8lbs 1oz and I thought that his labor was going to kill me. I had a Vacuum & Forceps assisted delivery. With Reagan I gave 1 push and she almost flew out. She was 6lbs 11oz. But Allen has already surpassed Reagan's Birth Weight... He is measuring 7lbs 1oz and already has a big noggin.

I'm just hoping I go before 38/39 weeks. I don't really want to be induced for fear of having a c/s... Hopefully Allen comes before then!!!