Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Recap

WOW this year sure has flown by! So much has happened this year. Im going to go through each month and reminise on some key parts in 2008!

January Pictures, Images and Photos

DJ and I rang in the new year Sleeping... LOL we were too tired to stay up. DJ turned 7 months old! I was 12 weeks pregnant with "Starburst" *Nicoles Name for the lil bean*. I started my battle with PPD and thankfully got through it. Its so hard being pregnant and have a 7 month old. Had some good Dr. appts... and that pretty much sums up January!

logo Pictures, Images and Photos

Whoo hoo I was 16 weeks pregnant! DJ turned 8 months old! We decided to test for downs, T 18, and others. Came back all Negative!!! DJ was sitting up on his own and loved to make silly faces! Trying to crawl but not yet....

March Pictures, Images and Photos

It's A Girl!!!!! we found out we were having a little girl! Our Family is Complete! DJ started Crawling right after he turned 9 months old!!!! He was such a cute crawler! DJ had his 1st Easter, he was so funny when we were coloring eggs. He would throw them in the cups! DJ turned into a Slurpee Monster! Im 22 weeks Pregnant with Miss. Reagan Khloe! Oh and we cant forget the Face Plant Video!!!

april Pictures, Images and Photos

DJ's 9 month Check Up weighing in at a whopping 20lbs 11oz! We had a Garage Sale which totally SUCKED! I had my lovely Glucose Test.. Bleh.. DJ got a swing for Papas house! He loves it... he loves it so much, he fell asleep in it! DJ participated in the "Baby Games" at our mall. DJ got his first hair cut at 10 months old! He is such a handsome little man! Im 26 weeks pregnant!!!!

Month of May Sign Pictures, Images and Photos

Dave and I celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary! DJ got his first black eye ;( and both of us got sick... Happy Mothers Day. DJ Started Walking!!!!! Went to L&D for 5 hours, they had to stop contractions... Had my baby shower and saw some old friends... 30 weeks pregnant!!!!

June Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy 1st Birthday DJ!!!!!!!! We all went to a carnival in town and dj had such a great time! Went to L&D a few more times.. ugh... DJ, my dad, and i went to a family reunion that we havent been to in atleast 5+ years... Getting ready for baby sister... 35 weeks pregnant!!!

July-01 Pictures, Images and Photos

Took some Castor Oil a few times... lol I fell and had to go to L&D. Happy 4th OF July! DJ loved the fireworks, then fell asleep during them. Cut my hair Really Short! and i love it! Sent Reagan an eviction notice... and she LISTENED!!!! Happy Birth-Day Reagan!!!! Her birth was so much easier than DJ's.. Our first few days home were pretty good...

August Pictures, Images and Photos

Mommy needs Sleep..... DJ is adjusting to Reagan quite well. Reagan is a little peanut and not gaining weight like she should. DJ is 14 months old!!! Pretty Boring Month... lol

september-girl Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Birthday To ME!!! Wow im 24 years old! DJ has 10 teeth, just 3 months ago he only had 3. Happy 2 months Reagan! Colic and Thrush ran my house for a while... Regan decided that she wanted to spit up blood, so we had an Upper GI done. Everything came back ok. She loves to smile!

October-02 Pictures, Images and Photos

A Vampire and a Bumble Bee... Had my wisdom tooth pulled! DJ's 24lbs!!! Happy 9th Birthday Sissy *amanda*. Wave of Light - We miss you all! Pumpkin patches, babies in pumpkins, and Halloween!!!! Prop 8...

november Pictures, Images and Photos

Prop 8... Time to Vote. DJ's completly and utterly attached to his blanket... Started our wedding blog! Made some montages of the kids. Fish Hatchery was FUN!!! Brother and Sister LOVE! We were on Good Day Sacramento! We find out that DJ has to get tubes... DJ is 17 months and Reagan is 4 months!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Went to daves parents for the first time!!!

december blinkie Pictures, Images and Photos

And here we are.... I cant believe time has raced past us. Reagans ears are now pierced! Elf'ing ourselves is a Blast! Happy 27th Birthday Husband! Rainy days. DJ's 18 months old and Reagan's 5 months old! Merry Christmas!!! A beautiful new camera from my mom and mark. Big Boy Toddler Bed!

These memories i will cherish for the rest of my life.

Peace out 2008!!!!!!!

2009 ~ I hope you can do better, cause you have a lot to prove!!!!

hello 2009 Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, December 29, 2008

Manic Monday ;)

Tonight Reagan and I were playing around and taking pictures. Well i decided to prop her up against the couch and got this picture:


Well, right after i took that she pushed herself forward and stood up by herself!!! I couldnt believe it! here is the picture i got:


She is getting so big!!!

Here are a few of DJ today. Hes getting sick so he was a little grumpy... My sister got me sick, and now the kids and dave are getting sick :(


He decided that Reagans Bumbo will now be the place where he eats! He got out of his high chair and brought his plate over to the bumbo, got in it, and started eating. Shannon and I just started laughing so hard!


Then when he was done, he tried to get out and he got stuck! hahaha I guess thats what he gets for getting in sissy's bumbo!


Also Reagan decided to start rolling over and over and over again last night!!!! Whoo Hoo! She would only roll side to side. Then last night she started rolling all over the front room floor! Shes getting way too big!

10 days left till DiSNEYLAND!!!!!!! I cant wait!!! we are going to be flying down on Friday morning and stay till Sunday, then fly home Sunday evening! DJ is gonna have so much fun! Reagan is still too little :(

Have a great evening :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Very Mery Christmas....

I hope everyone had a great christmas!!! DJ opened presents like a champ this year!!! And Reagan slept! We went to my dads on Christmas and opened presents, had breakfast, and then i made dinner. DJ and my dad played with the blocks his Great Grandma got him, then started stealing Reagans Gloworm that Great Grandma got her. I've noticed that dj will take reagans toys that light up. And the Feuding starts...LOL

Here are a few pics from Christmas Day!

His NEW Aquadoodle!

It Must Be Something GOOD!!!

Reagan in her Outfit!

At Papas House!

Playing with the blocks with Papa!

Fell asleep after playing with all his GOODIES!!!

Reagan Eating some Nummies!!!

Standing by the fire with Auntie Brittney

Me and my Babies!

We then went to my aunt and uncles on Friday for christmas up there! There cousin Courtney LOVES DJ and Reagan. She is always asking for them and still calls DJ "Baby DJ". My aunt and I were talking and have come to the conclusion that he will always be "Baby DJ" to her!.. lol They got lots of goodies and Diapers!!! You can never have too many diapers!

DJ and Courtney eating dinner!

Pushing DJ around in her doll stroller *DJ got in that himself*

Trying to pick Reagan up..

For the most part it was a Great Christmas!!! Cant wait till next year when Both the kiddos can unwrap the presents together!!!!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Photography Blog....

Hey if you can, Please stop by my Photography Blog... and please tell me what you think!!!



Merry Christmas Eve & DJ's Big Boy Bed!!!

This Year has flown by!

Tonight we invited over my dad and sister for dinner! I made Steak Fajitas. My sister had an artichoke. They were really yummy!!! While we were eating we put on the movie Cars... DJ loves that movie!

We put together DJs Lightning McQueen Car Toddler Bed! He Loves It!!! He is such a big boy!!!

BEFORE... He was mad cause sissy was on his bed.. lol


AFTER!!!! He Loves It!!!


Tomorrow we are going to church, BIL's house, then to my dads house to open presents and have lunch/dinner!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy 5 Months Reaganator!!!!!

WOW Mommy cant believe your 5 months already!!!! Your 1st christmas is in a few days... wow!!! You are getting so big, and learning new things each and every day! Mommy, Daddy & Brother Love you so much!!!!

38 weeks


Here you are!!!


1 month old

Happy Halloween
Bath Time
Theres no tearing this Duo apart

Pretty Christmas Dress!


Playing with her feet


Fell asleep in her Bumbo...


Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Girl and her Camera... Its a Beautiful Thing

So I got my Canon EOS Rebel XTi today for christmas... and i love it! Thanks Mom & Mark! I could not keep it OUT of my hands! I have always loved Photography, and want to make it my work! Here are a few of my pics i took today!!!








Cant forget the Camera Box... lol

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pics of Reagan's Ears, Dr. Appts, And Doggies...

Finally I have some pictures of Reagan's Earings!!! Here they are!


Next... We had DJ & Reagan's Dr. Appts today. Reagan is finally gaining weight and is finally where the dr.s want her to be on the growth chart. She got a shot and an oral. She STILL has Thrush, so Dr gave her some more Nystatin. Her ears are also healing properly, so that's great!

Weight: 13lbs 6.5oz
Height: 25 inches
Head: 42 cm

As for DJ, His ears are still really infected. We have an appt with the ENT Dr. on January 7th, 2 days before we leave for Disneyland. We will discuss the Tubes Surgery, After Care, and Set a date for the Surgery. I feel so bad for dj, his ears are constantly hurting him and he is now on his FIFTH Antibiotic for his ears. Dr. prescribed a butt cream cause the meds that he has taken are giving him really bad Diarrhea. I heard after they come out of the surgery there heads are all wobbly like a newborn from the sedation medicine.. lol I will keep you all posted on how the Appt goes.

And Last But Not Least...

My dad got home from Tennessee tonight, so we went over to his house so the kids could see him. And me of course!!! I missed my dad so much! It had been 3 weeks! While we were there dj loves to play with Chez. He always sits on him.
Chez is so gentle with him! I dont know of a lot of dogs that will let kids climb all over them! Hes such a great dog!
Well its getting late! everyone have a great FRIDAY!!!!