Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Allen's Allergy Testing...

Allen had his Allergy Testing on Thursday and poor little guy did not have fun!

Since I had to drop Dave off at work, We went to the mall and played in the play area... All of the mall walkers were getting waves and "Hi's" from Allen. He thought it was the greatest thing! We played for about 30 minutes and then it was off to the drs..

 When we got into the little room, a nurse came in and told me what was going to happen. I remember going through this as a kid. She put 10 dots on his lower forearm and then made little twisty pokes with a plastic little pen. Almost instantly, his arm begins to get red and splotchy. After about 15 minutes, everything comes back negative.. That is a good thing!

Next was the brutal part :( 
She came in and put 8 dots on each side of his upper arms. These ones were a little more difficult. She had to take the serum and put it directly under the skin, like a dermal {I think that's what she called it..} I had to have Allen sit in my lap and I held his arms. He did okay for the first 2 and then began to scream and cry.. I felt so bad but this really needed to be done. We did get through it with lots of tears, snot & drool.. But he didn't try to run!

 While we waited for the results, the nurse gave him a sucker! He was in heaven!! 

After the 15 minute wait, Allen got welts from Bermuda Grass, Cat Dander, Pine Trees & and one more tree, can't remember the name. We have to go back on the 11th for his 2nd Set & the Food Allergy Test.. 

I think the next appt will show a lot more.. 

Prayers are greatly appreciated!


Monday, May 28, 2012

County Fair Field Trip!

Friday was one of the "End of the Year" field trips that the kids look forward to every year!

The kids had so much fun and they even started to get grumpy because they were getting tired from trying to do everything. They got to wear the shirts that they Splatter Painted on Monday :)

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday & enjoy the photo dump!!

{I wonder if Kaylee was excited to be there?!?}

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

PROBAR Winner!!

The winner of the PROBAR Giveaway is:

April Willard!!

I will email you soon!


I have another giveaway that will be starting tomorrow, along with a few reviews/giveaways! So stay tuned for those!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pro Bar Review & Giveaway!!

Most of you know that my oldest has ADD/ADHD and Eczema & my youngest suffers from food allergies. We have recently been switching over to a Gluten Free diet in hopes that it will help the boys.

I was recently able to try out Fruition Bars from PROBAR. The kids and I sampled every flavor and the only one the kids didn't care for was the Lemon flavor. The bars are very soft, chewy and just enough sweetness for kids. They also have small bites of Cashews in them . They taste amazing and my current faves are Strawberry and Peach.

fruition™ is the latest gluten-free addition to the PROBAR family. This fruit-based, superfood snack bar is designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories. fruition is the marriage of dates, gluten-free raw oats, chia seeds and cashews in 6 mouth-watering real fruit flavors. With superb fruit flavors, robust texture and blend of organic ingredients, fruition is Simply Real.

Around 18 million Americans have a sensitivity to gluten, a hard-to-digest protein. Even a healthy intestine cannot fully break it down. For those with Celiac Disease {an estimated 1/133 people} avoiding gluten is essential to their health and well being. PROBAR is catering to those needs by announcing it's newest product, Fruition.

These are now available in 
Chocolate Orange

A box of 12 PROBAR Fruition retails for around $20.

Right now, you can get 40% off your first purchase with the code BLOGGER.. Just Click Here.

But wait, there's more!

If you don't want to purchase them, but try them out, you can enter to win them!! One winner will receive one box of PROBAR Fruition Bars! 

A complimentary product/service was provided for this review, however, all opinions expressed are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Organic with Gardening!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have noticed that I have a big green thumb when it comes to gardening. I love to plant flowers & food but I hate all of the chemicals that are in plant food & soils.Since having Children I am more concerned with the nutritional value my family receives from an organic, locally grown food source, picked at the peak of their freshness, thus further enhancing the nutritional benefits gained.
Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)
I thought I would give Whitney Farms® a try and see what it can do with my fruits and veggies this summer! I have been reading a lot about their organic soil and organic plant food and will be going out this weekend to purchase some for our mini garden! Since Allen has allergies, I am glad there is an organic plant food available.
Organic Plant Food
They have 25+ years of gardening experience and their full line of 100% natural products contain no additives, no artificial ingredients and are designed to help you grow big beautiful flowers and veggies. Each of their organic products have low to no dust, no stinky manure odor, they are easy to appy and since they are 100% natural – made from Earth products – they contain beneficial microbes that provide both micro and macro nutrients you plants need.
109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)
The kids have already decided on what veggies they want to plant! So stay tuned for our Garden Update! Hopefully it looks a lot like this amazing garden!! {not my garden}
If you want to try Whitney Farms®, You can get your very own $3 coupon for your garden! Just click on the link below!
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Wait, What?!

How is it possible that this baby right here

Will be FIVE in exactly one month?!?

This little guy has turned into an amazing, crazy hyper, loving and very smart big kid!
He also only has 2 weeks left and then he is an official Kindergartner!!

I love you so much DJ!!