Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Back!!!!!!


When people tell you about Scentsy Conventions, you never really know how fun and exciting it is until you actually go to one. I was absolutely blown away by how much I had learned and how incredibly amazing my team and other teams were! I now know why Scentsy calls themselves your second family!

I flew in on Tuesday morning and convention didn't start until Wednesday, so Caroline & I did some time share thing so we could get tickets to a show and food vouchers! We used our $50 food voucher at Tacos & Tequila at Luxor. We then went to a show called Fantasy.. We didn't realize it was a Topless Burlesque Show.. Ooops!! It was a good show though! We were laughing at all of the commentary and the guy that came out to crack some jokes! We had a good time and then went back to the hotel and passed out!

{I met each one of these beautiful ladies while pregnant with Reagan!! Thank You Babycenter!}

On our first night, we had the Opening Ceremony! I couldn't believe how many consultants were there, from all around the world! I think the total was around 12,000! Everyone cheered together and even cried together {I won't name names.. ;) }  After that, we got to let loose and go to either the Scentsy Ultra Lounge, Cirque De Scentsy or the Rock n' Roll Scentsy parties! We decided to stay at the Ultra Lounge since there was going to be a "Scentsy Flash Mob!" April and I actually got stuck in it while trying to find our other friends.. hahaha

After the festivities, we decided to walk around the strip! We took the monorail from LVH to Flamingo/Caesars and walked around. We saw the Water Show at the Bellagio and walked towards our hotel. We saw a bunch of hilarious people too! We finally got home around midnight and crashed.. 6am comes quick in vegas!

Our second day was filled with fun and excitement with the new brand! We also got to see Donny & Marie perform and that was really fun!! The sessions were filled with amazing information! It really made me appreciate everything that the Scentsy Family had to offer. We got to see new warmers, plug ins, scents, layers and the newest Hero & Charitable Cause Warmers!

The Charitable Cause Warmer is for The Special Olympics! I think it is absolutely amazing!! They even donated $5,000 to The Special Olympics Foundation.

They also revealed the new brand!!! Grace Adele is the new brand in the Scentsy Family! Grace Adele is Handbags, Clutches, Wallets, Purse Charms, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings & Purse Mirrors!!

How exciting is that?!? Whats even more exciting is that we got the Handbag, Clutch, Purse Charm, Purse Mirror and Necklace right after the reveal!!! The prices are a little on the higher side, but they are made very nicely.

We also came home with New Scentsy Warmers, Plug Ins, Velata Warmer, Chocolate, Testers and much more!!

On our last day, we had more motivational speakers and to end the night, we had Colbie Caillat perform!!! All in all it was a great trip! I have learned so much in those 3 short days and can't wait to share it with the world!!!

I will have a post for tomorrow of all of the Discontinued Scents, Warmers & Plug ins.. Also just about everything in the Spring & Summer Catalog will be 10% off for the whole month of August!!!


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