Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Allen's 3rd Birthday Party!

Every year, I like to have Allen's Birthday Party a few weeks after his actual birthday. This way Christmas and New Years is out of the way and we can focus just on him! This year, he picked Build-A-Bear Workshop! We let him pick who he wanted to invite and what type of theme he wanted. Of course he chose Thomas the Train!

He is ready to Party!!!!!
After everyone got their bears, they lined up to name them!
Auntie Brittney playing along!
Everyone is helping Allen put character traits in his bear!

Everyone getting to pick their bears names!
Time to Stuff the Bears!!!
Allen even got to help fill the machine with fluff!
Auntie Brittney getting her bear stuffed!
They rubbed their "hearts" on their noses, foreheads, tummies, legs and other things to make their bears Smart, Funny, Cool, etc!

After they did that with their own hearts, they got another heart and did the same but everyone put these hearts in Allen's Bear :)
Bath Time for the Bears!!!
Auntie Brittney photo bombed the group :)

The Birthday Group!

Cupcake Time with his Buddy!

Allen had such a fun time and is still talking about it! A lot of the kids at his party had never been to a Build-A-Bear before!! So that was exciting!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Allen James!!!!

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Jess Gougeon said...

I saw your pictures on facebook and thought that was the neatest party idea!! :)