Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Reagan's Cheer Clinic!

This was Reagan's second year at the BVJB Cheer Clinic! She had a lot more fun this year and had friends there. Last year was rough since she was so young and so little. At the end of the week, they get to walk in a parade and do their cheer that they learned while at clinic! Reagan did so well!! This cheer season is going to be so fun since there are going to be a lot of girls her age and size. All but 2 other girls are staying as a Jr Pee Wee, everyone else is moving up to Pee Wee. Reagan is a Veteran already!

Last Year Vs. This Year!

Parade Time!!! DJ got to sit with the other Football Players and toss beads out of the back of the truck! He thought it was the greatest thing!!!

I am also very excited for this season because:
1. If we go to Vegas for Nationals, Reagan and I get to go! {I was too far along to go in January :( }
2. Reagan has a year under her belt and is a lot more open!
3. I am her Cheer Team's Team Mom!!! I am beyond excited!!

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