Friday, June 27, 2014

Slime Run!!!

DJ and I did the slime run last weekend and we both had a lot of fun! DJ loves to run, so I thought this would be great for him. Once we got there, he wanted to start getting slimed lol… The race started and we did the first obstacle course and then got slimed. We were just going to do the kids route, but DJ wanted to go through all of the obstacle courses and slime areas, so we did the whole 5k! He was definitely a tired 7 year old afterwards, but he had so much fun! 

Before the Mess!!!

Right after the first obstacle course and the first slime zone! We got sprayed with Orange Slime!

Orange & Blue Slime!!!

We were covered with slime!

My Little Stud Muffin!

He had fun on this one!

He was completely slimed from head to toe! He got a sno cone afterwards!

Our Medals!!!

I can't believe my 7 year old did his first 5k already!!!

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