Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DJ & Reagan's Monster Bash!

First off the kids had a fantastic birthday party! They had so much fun playing with their friends and it was great seeing everyone! I would like to thank Stefani over at Starlight Starbright Creations for the Decorations & Monster Mouths and My friend Joy for the Goodie Bags!

We had PB&J for the kids and Deli Sandwiches for the Parents and the usual other things! I found Goldfish S'mores at the store and those were a big hit with the kids! I also made Funfetti Cupcakes & Red Velvet Cupcakes for dessert and let everyone put the frosting and other toppings on them!

The kids received a lot of cool presents and a lot of gift cards! They could not stop saying thank you, which was very sweet!

Are you ready for the Photo Overload?!?

{all of the food!!}
 {All of the kids had a blast playing on the kids new swing set!}
 {Mr. DJ and his silly mouth!}
 {From what I understand, Reagan fell of her horse while eating a chip and ran into the kitchen looking for me. She was startled and I think the chip might have scratched her throat and it scared her. So she ran into the bathroom and threw up and then passed out on the couch for a good hour.. Hey, its her party and she can cry pass out if she wants to!}
 {Some of the party guests :) }
 {Stefani and Drew! She did all of the decorations for me!}
 {Papa being a good sport!}
 {My sister Brittney and her boyfriend Yoey}
 {Easton, DJ & Maliyah}
 {Melissa, Sora & Dennis - Reagan's Godparents!}
 {Uncle Clint & Aunt Cathy!}
 {Maliyah, Melissa & Courtney!}
 {Gina, Julia & Jordan!}
{Opening Presents!!! All of the kids were up close and personal.. hahaha I kept telling them to scoot back a little, then they would get close again.. } 
 {Had to wake Reagan up so she could open her presents... At first she wanted nothing to do with them, but then realized what they were.. lol}

 {Allen passed out on Cousin Carol's lap...}
{Alan, Ava & Kathleen... Oh and my sister in law's arm!! hahahaha} 
 {Everyone sang happy birthday to them! They got so excited!!!}
My Brother in Law Drew & Sister in Law Amber!} 
 {DJ & Reagan after the party! They were so tired and very overstimulated!} 

Thank you to everyone that came and the kids had so much fun!!!!

I will be doing a follow up post with all of the Decor and Goodies!!!

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! Looks like a successful party. :)