Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Game of the Season!!

Yesterday was Opening Day for Little League!! Everyone was freezing since it was like 40 degrees w/ a windchill.. So all three kids have fevers now..

DJ's team the Giants, played the Dodgers.. {how fitting, right?} Dave was making smart ass comments when he would call, since he was working. {not going to post them here} My dad also came and video taped the whole game!

There is this one little boy on their team that throws tantrums when he doesn't get to catch the ball.. Drives me crazy! He will also run after the ball instead of running to the bases.. {he does the same thing at our practices too} So my dad said that he was having more fun video taping his tantrums than the game.. I told him to knock it off.. haha

So the deal with Tee Ball is,
- Tee Ball is 2 endings.
- Each player gets to bat.
- When you are up to bat, you hit the ball then run to first and Stop.
- You stop at each base.
- When the last player bats, all 4 players run home.. {home run!!}
- Score is not kept.
- There are no outs, strikeouts, stealing or bunting..

So are you guys ready for an overload of cuteness?!?!
{Warming Up}
{Everyone ran to the ball.. }
{Waiting for the ball to be hit..}
{Surprisingly, DJ is the 2nd shortest player on the team.. lol He is in the middle}
{Just standing around.. Him and J chatted while they were switching batters..}
{I love the way he stands.. His left hand out with his mitt ready to catch the ball and his right hand covering himself.. hahaha}
{Everyone running for the ball.. again}
{DJ up to bat.. I am one proud mama!}
{Hits the ball pretty far!! If you look at the right side of the picture, you can see the white circle.. That's the ball..}
{RUN DJ RUN!!!!!!}
{My little Sprinter!! He is super fast!!}
{Safe at 1st!}

And here is the video of DJ hitting the ball!! I would turn your volume down since I am yelling and it is shot with my phone..}

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!


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