Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This week I am linking up with Jamie for WILW:

{March Birchbox. Loving everything in it!}
{My goodies from Mamarazzi! Thanks!! Reagan has already asked me to paint her nails :) }
{Rewards from Scentsy!! Love them!}
{3 year old independence... Apparently I took too long.. Reagan took it upon herself to paint her nails..}
{Snuggles from sick babies.. Reagan wasn't feeling well the other night. She climbed up and was out within minutes!}

- Draw Something... Seriously addicting! Find Me: Breplus3

- Dunkin Donuts Coffee... Got this for the first time the other day in Turbo and I am addicted.. I make a big pot of coffee every day and make Iced Coffees with it throughout the day!

Tee Ball... DJ is absolutely loving tee ball! He is doing so well and his attention span is getting better!!

And of course, I am constantly loving my family!

What are you loving today?!



Amy Powell said...

I've heard a lot about Draw Something. Think I need to check it out! And that finger nail polish is adorable. She probably has lots of fun doing it that way :)

Happy Wednesday!

Holly said...

Heheheh I love Reagan's manicure! How long did that take to clean up? :P

Dropping by from WILW!