Thursday, June 27, 2013

DJ's Party Recap!

DJ wanted to pick out his birthday cake and what flavor for his actual birthday.. This is what we came up with! A Chocolate bundt cake with blue vanilla frosting & sprinkles...

DJ had his birthday party at a local pizza place. These are the only pictures I was able to take. I was too busy to take pics :( Plus I don't think they ever slowed down. They were going from the snack table back to the arcade area and back to the snack area.. lol

DJ was completely spoiled!! He got a Nintendo DS that he has been asking for for about 6 months, he also got a new bike!! He has been asking for a bike for a while too! He got some really fun presents from his friends too! He has some pretty great friends!

All in all, he had a blast at his birthday party! Now it's time to plan Reagan's Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!!!

Surro News: I start my Lupron TOMORROW!!!

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