Thursday, June 20, 2013

There's a first for everything....

***Warning: There are bloody pictures below. If you are squeamish, just skip this post! lol

Do you ever feel like you are constantly at a certain place all the time? Well, I feel like I am always at the emergency room. It's always one kid who is having a hard time breathing cause they are coughing so bad or one kid who fell and hit their head.. Well, Monday night was a first for me.. I had to take Dave to the ER.

A little back story:

Apparently Dave was tossing his dirty work clothes in a bin at work, before clocking in and when he pulled his arm back, he cut his arm. So Dave went and cleaned it up and decided to just bandage it up and clock in for work. When he got home he showed me what it looked like...

I honestly could not believe he worked all day like this. I immediately said "I am gonna find a babysitter, You go and change because we are going to the er to get you stitches..." He asked me "Is it really that bad?" Ummm Duh! So I had talked to a friend who works in the medical field and we went to see her before we went to the er, just to be sure!


After C cleaned it up, she said that we should go in. Even she called Dave a Dumb ass for waiting so long hahaha! So she butterflied it and put a bandage over it and we were off to the er... Once we got to the er, Dave had no idea what to do. We have been together 7 years and he has never been to the er by himself or with any of the kids. I am the one who takes them. So I told him to fill out the paper and then get his wrist band. After a few minutes, we were called back and the Dr's were asking him a bunch of questions and when the Dr asked when this happened and Dave said "about 8:40 am," the Dr's just looked at him and shook their heads. lol They said, next time something like this happens, not to take his time coming in... I just laughed. They also asked him when his last tetanus shot was, while Dave was thinking the Dr said "Sounds like you will be getting one tonight!" hahaha Have I told you that my husband is terrified of needles, but he has 3 big tattoos?! They put a numbing cream on him and send us back out to the waiting room.

After about an hour, we get called back to the room. Dave gets into the bed and lets the nurse know that he is terrified of needles... This right here is the best part of the night:

Nurse: Do you have any tattoos?
Dave: Well, of course.
Nurse: Then I don't feel sorry for you! If you can sit and get tattoos, then you can get a shot!

So Dave got his tetanus shot and then it was time for the stitches!!! I watched and took pictures. Dave tried occupying himself with playing games on his phone...

Dave is the lucky winner of Five Stitches... After everything was done, he said that it wasn't as bad as he was making it out to be. He said that the only thing that really hurt, was the tetanus shot.. So that was the first time Dave has received stitches and been to the er with me.. Lets hope it doesn't happen again!

Happy Thursday!!!

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