Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A sharpened pencil..

Allen got his "Pencil Sharpened" as his ped would say. Poor little guy... We got to the dr office and waited for like 45 minutes and then finally got called back, then we waited another 45 minutes in the tiny room.. {I hate this ped office, I go to a different one in the practice}. Lets just say our appt was for 11:15a and we didn't get out of there till after 1pm.

Mr. Allen clocked in at 8lbs 13oz {he lost 2oz since Friday}, so we were still able to do the circ. Apparently you cant perform a circ on a baby over 10lbs and you have to wait till they are a year old to get it done. So thank goodness he was still under and we got in before then. Here is a picture of everything before the procedure.. It looks so scary...

I wont go into details but he had his "Pencil Sharpened." Poor little guy screamed his head off the whole time. I thought he would have been like DJ and fall asleep during it, but nope :( I gave him some tylenol before we went in and after it was done. So far his penis is looking okay, just a little bruised where they gave him the shots. Last night I was changing him and he started peeing everywhere lol He did that 3 times while I was changing 1 diaper.. I guess its payback for putting him through that.

Allen tried out his bouncer for the first time on Sunday. He absolutely loves the vibrations and will sleep in it for a few hours at a time. DJ and Reagan like to go up and bounce him, so I have to watch out for them. lol

 He loves his little brother so much. I can already tell they are going to be best friends!
 Allen's First Pair Of Shoes!

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Laura said...

What a little man! He's so precious.