Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wait, What?

How is it that Allen will be 16 months next week?!? I took him to his 15 month check up on monday.. Yeah, we're a little late... I can't believe how big this little guy is getting! It feels like I just had him.. This chunk is weighing in at 26.4lbs and is 35in tall. He is off the charts for his height.

All smiles up until it was shot time...

Trying to escape!

Miss Reagan starts Ballet on Tuesday!! I can't freaking wait! I got her the cutest little outfit for her class! Just need to get her a plain outfit, tights & ballet flats.. She is beyond excited for ballet!

How cute is that?!?

DJ is doing fabulous in Tee Ball! We just need to work with catching. I can't believe the season is almost over :( He will definitely be signed up for the next season!

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!!


1 comment:

KERRY said...

Awww poor little guy, look at him trying to get out of there! :(
Enjoy your little ballerina, cute outfit!