Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh Allergies...

Oh my goodness...

I think I'm dying.. 

Sore Throat
Head Cold

I feel like complete crap. I have been doubling up on Emergen-C & Day-Quil. I wish I could just sleep this away, but mommies don't get days off. Luckily Dave has tomorrow off and I can sleep in until my Scentsy party. But then he is working 13 days straight. I guess I better get better asap. 

Yesterday I got my Velata Kit and decided to have fun with all of the paper they stuff in the boxes. I had the kids lay down and I traced them. Then I put them on the wall so they could color them! They had so much fun! 

Allen had to get a chair and color.. Gotta be comfy when coloring!

DJ had a great game today! He loves tee ball and is doing a lot better with his hitting & catching! Him and a couple of the boys are best buds and one of the kids goes to DJ's preschool. How fun! Did I mention that DJ is the 2nd shortest kid on the team? He is super tall for his age, but there is only 2 other 4 year olds on the team. 

 He also loves to slide into home.. 
Sister watching while eating a Popsicle :)

Miss. Reagan starts Ballet on Tuesday! I can't wait and I will definitely be taking tons of pictures. My dad still thinks I should have put her in MMA/Kick Boxing.. hahaha

I got another fun box from Julep Maven! The code is still working, so go sign up, take the quiz and get your nail polish!! Just enter promo code COLORS4ONE :)

{I don't know what price it is for everyone else, but my CA price was $0.01}
{A friend of mine in WA said hers was $1.91}

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


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