Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm the one with THAT child...

So we finished Allen's Allergy Testing on Monday and boy was I shocked about one of the allergies..

His first set showed that he was allergic to

Bermuda Grass, Pine Trees, Cat Dander and Orange Trees

Well on Monday, we went in for his 2nd set and the food allergy testing. Poor little guy had to get the dermals again on his upper arms and then the food on his back. He was so mad that he accidentally slammed his head on the counter when I was trying to hold him down :( That little guy is super strong!


After... Poor little guy :(

His 2nd set showed that he is allergic to

PEANUTS, ORANGES, Pine Nuts and we already knew about Dairy...

Ugh, this poor kid :( After his testing I called my dad and told him he was allergic to peanuts and this is what my dad said:

"No child should ever have to go through their childhood without a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich! Just give him the Creamy, that way he won't get the extra peanuts!" 

oh dad!

His poor back and arms were all red and bumpy :(

I am so glad that the testing is over and that we can figure out a plan! 

Do any of you have food allergies, or any of your children? 
How do you deal with it?
Is it Severe/Life threatening or is it manageable? 

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Lacy said...

What is the treatment plan they are going to go with for him?

My son has severe allergies both indoor, outdoor, and food.

The indoor is all domestic pets, and he is allergic to lambs, and sheep. Ha The outdoor is everything from trees, grass, pollen. It was over 3 pages long. :(

He is also allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, and peanuts..

They make a peanut butter made with soy and is peanut free. But my son can't even have that.. :(

He is on a allergy medicine, allergy shots. We've doing the shots since early March 2012.

We only went this route because he has acute dermatitis eczema and the doctors are trying to control it by controlling the allergies.

If he gets into eggs or peanut butter it's bad. He breaks out in welts and is just lethargic. Eventually they said he would need to keep a epi pen on him. We already do but because of the allergy shots.

Good luck!

Cara said...

Poor baby!

My son is allergic to pineapple, raspberries, and can't handle regular milk. He is also allergic to cats and dogs--they are the worst triggers for his asthma too! He hasn't been officially tested for allergies yet though, we just picked up on these. I also have many food allergies and environmental allergies. I set up a time to get tested, but must be free of antihistamines for 6 weeks to get it done, and I can't go that long without meds!