Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preschool Graduation!!

First off... How did this school year go by so fast?!?

It is so crazy to think that I now have a Kindergartner & 2nd Year Preschooler..

Anyways, the little ceremony was so sweet and yes I did tear up. I couldn't help it. I had this huge wave of emotion come over me. It was so surreal. I was looking back at their first day of school and pictures of them on their last day. I can't believe how much they grew throughout the school year!

{She was so excited!!!}

{He did not want to hold it right.. Little Stinker!}

{DJ getting his award!}

{Reagan getting her award!}

{Allen got in on the action!}

{Best teacher in the world!}

I am so sad that the year has ended but so excited for this journey the kids are currently embarking!


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