Thursday, September 20, 2012

Out of Season Photos for Your Holiday Cards!

It is summer, so why not go out and take some photos for your holiday cards?  If someone asked you that, would you think that they had too much sun?  In actuality, it is a great idea.  The kids are home from school, the weather is warm and there is time to reduce your holiday stress, months in advance.  It also offers an opportunity to be creative with your holiday message, such as building sand castles shaped like snowmen. Another summer themed idea for a holiday card is taking a photograph of a message, like “Merry Christmas” written in the sand and sending it out for your Christmas cards. Use your imagination and there will be no limits.

There are several ways you can create great holiday pictures out of season.  If you live in northern areas, that one beautiful snowstorm may not always happen before the holiday season.  It is good idea to be proactive and to take advantage of the season’s natural beauty in February or March and capture next year’s photo for your holiday cards.  Autumn offers beautiful photo backdrops of pine boughs, heavy laden with pine cones, and bright red holly berries in abundance before the birds enjoy eating them.  Dressing in heavy sweaters helps and hats help to portray that wintery feel. If you live in desert areas, spring rewards you with strikingly beautiful scenes that exist only for a few short weeks and are appreciated by friends and relatives in other regions more than another snow scene.

Vacations are the time when everyone takes photos and a there may be many that would be lovely or interesting to include on your holiday photo cards.  Ski trips, scenes from other countries, or famous landmarks, all offer great possibilities. How about the zoo?  Who would not enjoy a Hippo Holidays card?

Here are a few other places you might consider:
  • Recreational and sports – The ice rink or roller skating rink or the kids soccer game or T ball.
  • Camping trips – A marshmallow roast around the glowing campfire at night makes a warming scene for winter that you can capture in the summer.
  • Country scenes – You may be driving and spy that perfect photo opportunity of a mill wheel,  old well,  red barn or just a great sitting fence. Park the car and use it as a prop or backdrop. Maybe you will spot an old carriage and get permission for a family shot.  Keep an open eye and an open mind when you travel about.

Sometimes it may be hard to pick just one opportunity for a photo card. We all know how hard it is to get the family together at once; one child is away at school, or a parent was busy at work. Utilizing a stationery company that offers a variety of layouts for photo Christmas cards ensures you can capture unique images off all family members, despite the scheduling conflicts! A multi-photo holiday card from Tiny Prints has placeholders for group and individual photos to make sure no one is left out!

Whether it’s a horse and buggy or a beach buggy, the perfect spot for your holiday photo cards is always waiting, any time of year.  Get out with the family while you can all be together.  Ask the kids to help. The opportunities are seemingly endless and the results will be unique and appreciated by all.  It is also its one less thing off of your extensive Christmas check list.


Thank you Tiny Prints for this guest post! I can't wait to make my holiday cards now!!!

If you would like to start your holiday cards early, there is a Tiny Prints link on my sidebar! Have Fun!!

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