Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How I spent my 28th Birthday!!!

What a day!!! 

For my 28th Birthday today, I thought I would do some Random Acts of Kindness! I had so much fun doing this and felt so great after doing this!! Here are my Acts!!

1. Write letters to people, telling them how special they are to you.
2. Hand out Lollipops to Kids.
3. Feed Parking Meters.
4. Buy a Gift Card and give it to the person behind me

5. Drop off donuts to a Fire Station.
6. Take large bags of clothes to a shelter.
7. Pay for the person’s starbuck’s behind me.

8. Take art supplies and cookies to the pediatrics unit.
9. Take Cookies to the Labor & Delivery unit.
10. Tape change to a vending machine.

11. Make blessed bags for the homeless and hand them out. 
{While doing this, I met a man named Jeffery. He told me about him and his family. His daughter is the same age as I am. He was forever grateful for the bags. May god bless you and keep you safe, Jeffery}
12. Take cookies to neighbors.
13. Leave thank you notes on cars.
14. Leave big tip for waitress.
15. Send 3 friends goodies.
16. Take all of the shopping carts back.

17. Heart Attack someone’s car.
18. Take canned goods to a food bank.
19. Pay for someone’s lunch.
20. Hand out 28 flowers.
21. Take cupcakes and cards to My Dr office.
{My little helpers fell asleep}

22. Take cupcakes to the Kids Dr office.
23. Pump someone’s gas.
24. Tape scratcher's to the gas machine.
25. Set up a lunch date with an old friend.
26. Pay for an elderly person’s meal.
27. Hand out Bottled water to runners.
28. Make eye contact with everyone you meet and say hi with a smile.  

I had a lot of fun doing this and feel very blessed with what I have. We went over to my dads for Pizza and Cake!! Love me some Carrot Cake!!!

My Blessed Bags had these contents in it:

- Water
- Applesauce
- 2 Protein Bars
- Cough Drops
- 1 Pair of Socks
- Deodorant
- Chap Stick
- Comb
- Razor
- Bar of Soap
- Wet Wipes
- Lotion
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Band-aids
- Change 

Everyone loved these bags except for one gentleman. He told me to get away and leave him alone. I felt bad and when I got back to my car, I prayed for him. 

Hope you all have a great day!!!



californiadreamin said...

This is such an amazing selfless way to spend your birthday, good for you!

Laura said...

Wow! How inspiring is this? Happy belated Birthday! I think it's awesome you did all of that.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!
My birthday is next week and I wasn't very excited but you have inspired me to give back thanks!!!


Ersula said...

Awesome, Bre!!

Bunnie said...

This is AMAZING friend!! Im back girlie yay!!

hope you had a GREAT birthday!!

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