Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Living Clean and Lean in 2013!

Today starts my "Living Clean & Lean in 2013!" I am really excited about this new journey. I have all of my measurements done and meals planned! I am ready to lose this weight! During the 30 day Program, I will be giving up a lot, but also adding a lot. I have to look at this as a life change for not only me, but for my family too. I want my children to be eating healthy and also my husband to stop eating greasy ass burgers! He might be rail thin, but I am sure his BP is sky high. It's time for a healthy change!

I will be giving up:
· Dairy
· Wheat, Rye, Barley
· Gluten
· Peanut Butter
· White rice, pasta, white potatoes
· Basically ALL breads
· Alcohol
· Nitrates
· Artificial sweeteners
· Soy (except for edamame & organic tofu)
· Vinegar
· Coffee
· Sodas & diet sodas
· Table sugar, honey, syrups & artificial
· Pork
· Non-organic chicken or beef
· Farm raised fish
· Corn
· Mints and gum
AVOID: (for weight loss)
· Bananas, melons, grapes, pineapple,
watermelon (except in post workout shake)
· Dried fruits

I will be adding:
· Rice, Almond & coconut milk
· Brown rice
· Brown rice cakes
· Brown rice tortillas (in moderation)
· Brown rice pasta
· Quinoa and quinoa pasta
· Rice & Shine oatmeal from Whole Foods
· Green tea
· Fizz tablets
· Water with lemon
· Stevia OR Xylitol
· Agave nectar
· Non starchy vegetables
· Sweet potatoes, yams, turnips
· Avocado
· Olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil
· Berries
· Green apples
· Cage Free eggs
· Free-range chicken & turkey
· Grass-fed beef
· Almond butter & sunflower seed butter
· Legumes
· Raw almonds

I will also be using Arbonne Products to help with my healthy weight loss. I have my workouts planned and am so ready for this new year! I never really knew how much allergens and toxic ingredients were in food until I started to really read them all. No wonder my kids fly off the hinges after eating mac & cheese. These products are filled with toxins that I never knew existed. I also want to lose this weight for my Surrogacy Journey! I want to be extra healthy for my family!

If you are interested in the program, just let me know! I will also be updating my Weight Loss Blog more often!

So Cheers to a Healthy Year!!


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Bethany said...

Good for you for making this choice! I have been on the journey of changing to a clean eating lifestyle too. I cannot even begin to express how much better I feel without eating all that processed junk!