Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh, hello june..

How in the world is it almost JUNE?!?

This year is in the fast lane and I don't think its gonna slow down any time soon. These next 2 months are going to be crazy busy! We have so much going on in June and July, I am sure I will fall off of the blogging wagon a few times.. lol

Lets see, First off, Miss Reagan is graduating Preschool on the 5th! I can't believe that she will be going into kindergarten in the fall. She has grown into such a beautiful little girl and I can't wait to watch her soar in school!

Second, We have DJ's Sixth Birthday... Hold on, let me read that again... Yes, my first born will be Six years old on the 18th. We are having a Super Mario Theme Party at a local pizza place. He is really into Super Mario Bros and wants everything in that theme! We have invited a bunch of friends from school and I can't wait to party it up!

Third, I will be starting all of my IVF Meds within the next two weeks. My cycle should be starting soon {is that tmi for you?!} and on CD2 I will start taking my BCP's :) After 5 different types of prenatals, I have finally found ones that don't make me sick! Lucky number six I guess.. So during all of this crazyness, I will be giving myself 1-2 shots a day for the month of june and until our transfer which will more than likely be the 1st week of july. After the transfer, I will have to continue the PIO shots until I am 12 weeks pregnant.. Human Pin Cushion right here...

July is busy because we will have the Transfer!!! I will fly down to LA and be there for a few days.

Miss Reagan will be turning FIVE on the 22nd of July. Holy Crap, where is the time going?? She wants a Lalaloopsy Theme Party! She is turning into a little sassy pants! She wants to invite all of her gal pals from school and have a fun girly party!

Things will be a little slow here... Our laptop broke and we have to send it in. Thankfully my dad is letting me use his today :)

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