Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Busy Mama...

These past few days/weeks have been so busy! A lot of Surrogacy Stuff, Kids Stuff & Family Stuff...

Friday, Dave had to go and get his blood work done, so Allen and I tagged along! It was convenient since I had to swing by my OB's office and pick up a test results paper. Everything is good and I should be getting contracts within the next week!

This weekend was busy with Scentsy Parties & Family Time. My Gramma has been on the west coast for a little over a month and she started driving back home to Tennessee this morning. Prayers for safe travels for her :)

Monday, DJ got to pass out invites to his SIXTH Birthday Party!! He is so excited to have a Super Mario Party at a Pizza Place! I had both DJ & Reagan's IEP Meetings and Reagan will be going to speech in Kindergarten this year and DJ has officially met all of his goals and has since been released!!! I am so amazed at how far the both of them have come!

Yesterday we decided to get Allen a Haircut. His hair was getting so long and it was poking him in the eyes. He was so excited to sit in a Car Chair.. This is what my baby big boy looks like now!

Dj has had a loose tooth for about 3 weeks now. The other day we tried doing the floss/door trick at my dads, but he freaked and didn't want to do it. Well, yesterday I gave him some ultimatums he couldn't refuse/pass up and we finally got that sucker out!!! He cried for about 10 seconds because he had blood in his mouth, but once he knew that it was gone, he was Mr. Cool and thought it was the greatest thing in the world!! This was also his FIRST tooth that he got as a baby!

{If you look closely, you can see his adult tooth already out!}

So that has been our week...

Hope you all have a great wednesday!

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