Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy 4 months Allen!!!

Mr. Allen,
I can not believe you are four months old today. You have been such a blessing to our family and everyone just loves you to pieces. You have such a sweet smile and a contagious laugh. You are constantly soaking up everything around you and learning so much! Your big brother and big sister just adore you and love it when you smile or laugh with/at them. You make some of the funniest squeals and I can not wait for the months and years to come!
We love you!

Baby Stats
You have fallen into an amazing sleep pattern!
You sleep anywhere from 6-10 hours a night.
You usually go to sleep around 8pm and
wake up around 3am for 6oz
and its back to sleep till 7-8am.
Mommy is very thankful for that!

Daily Routine
We finally have a great routine down!
5:30am - Mama takes a shower... While everyone is sleeping!
{mon, wed, fri}
6:30am - Wake up, drink 4-6 oz, change diaper.
7:00am - You play in the exersaucer till
we have to take Big Brother to school.
8:30am - Get back, diaper change and have 6oz bottle
then morning nap.
10:00am - 4oz bottle then playtime in the exersaucer, bouncer or floor.
Which ever one you like at that time.
11:45am - Diaper change and Lunch Time!
A Veggie and Oatmeal Cereal.
12:30pm - Afternoon Nap.
3:30pm - 6oz bottle. Go and get daddy from work
if its a tue or thurs, Or its playtime with brother and sister :)
5:30pm - Get daddy if its wednesday :)
6:30pm - Dinner time! 4oz formula and a Veggie/Oatmeal cereal.
7:00pm - Bath Time. Your favorite time of day!
7:30pm - Relax and get ready for bed.
8:30pm - 6oz & Bedtime
{these are average times}
You usually wakes up at 3am for a few oz and then goes right back to sleep :)

Right now you are on Enfamil Prosobee
Your ped thinks your might have a milk allergy.
You drink 5-6oz every 2-4 hours.
If your skin does not clear up within the next few weeks
we will switch you back to Enfamil Infant.
You are eating Oatmeal Cereal and we have mastered
Carrots, Squash & Sweet Potatoes!
This week we are trying Green Beans and Peas.
We tried Green Beans today and you L.O.V.E. them!

Birth: 7lbs 7oz
2 weeks: 8lbs 3oz {50th Percentile}
1 month: 9lbs 6oz {45th Percentile}Home Scale.
2 months: 11lbs 4oz {50th Percentile}
3 months: 13lbs 7oz {35th Percentile}
4 months: 14lbs 8oz {25th Percentile} Home Scale. Dr appt on 5/12

Birth: 20 inches
2 weeks: 21 1/4 inches {90th Percentile}
1 month: 22 inches {70th Percentile}
2 months: 24 inches {95th Percentile}
3 months: 25 3/4 inches {95th Percentile}
4 months: 26 1/4 inches {95th Percentile}

You are currently wearing
Huggies Little Movers size 3
We had to move up from
size 2 today!
They fit you very nicely!

You are comfortably wearing 6 month clothes.
You are a very long little guy!
You are also sporting some 6/9 month onesies
and jammies...

Hair Color
Birth: lots of black hair
1 month: light brown
2 months: light brown and starting to fall out...
3 months: what hair?!? It has all fallen out!
4 months: blonde and finally growing back in!!

Eye Color
Birth: Steel Grey
Currently: Blue-ish Green..

Funniest Moment
You make the funniest faces when the ceiling fan is on.
You get so excited!
You love to talk and laugh at it!

Sitting up {with assistance} You love to look around and watch what is going on around you.
Starting Foods! You love any and all food.
Rolling back to tummy... You love to do this when we are changing your diaper.
Rolling around the living room. Your brother and sister think it is the funniest thing!
You love to stand {with assistance}

Favorite Toys
Teething Keys

We love you Little Man!!!!


Samantha said...

Happy 4 months!!!

I am still SO jealous of your sleep schedule!

Where do you find the little snugglers in size 3?! I've only seen them in snug and dry and little movers?!!

Title Loans said...

He is such an adorable baby! My friends just had their first daughter, and their schedule is anything but routine. Has it always been like this or did it take some time?