Tuesday, May 3, 2011

IFSP's & IEP's

Wow... What a slacker I have been.

Today we had Reagan's IFSP/IEP meeting for her Speech Therapy. It went great! Right when one of the ladies came in and sat down, she knew why Reagan was having trouble speaking. Reagan's tongue is more forward than kids her age. It is making her have a lisp.

So what we have to do is

1) Get rid of her sippy cup because it is promoting "suckling" and its not letting her use her lips and jaw.

2) Start her on regular cups and straws. That way she will have to use her lips when she is drinking.

3) Since she is a "Packer" {she packs food into her cheeks} we need to cut her food smaller and make sure she is eating the piece and then swallowing it before she goes on to another piece.

Also, I called and got her on the list for Preschool! They are going to call me and set up an appt for Registration! I can't believe both DJ and Reagan will be in preschool together for the 2011/2012 school year!!!

Whoo Hoo!!!

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