Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early Birthday Present and Random Pics...

The kids got their early birthday present from Great Gramma the other day! Last night my dad and dave started to put it together. The didn't finish since it was so hot outside. I did the slide and will start working on the Glider and Horse Swing when the kids go down for a nap!

{Allen chillin in the Saucer Swing}
 {DJ swinging while my Dad and Dave putting it together last night}
{DJ and Reagan playing on it this morning! Allen is in his Exersaucer} 


{Reagan trying to touch her nose with her tongue. Such a papa's girl}
 {Miss. Reagan has Pica and here she is with a mouth full of Blue Chalk..}
{Allen playing in his exersaucer in the backyard.} 
{Allen at Target last night! Such a big boy. I need to get one of the covers} 

3 more days till
DJ's 4th

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