Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please Anchor Your Dressers!

Last night after eating dinner, DJ was playing with his cars and Reagan was playing in her room. At around 7:30 Dave and I hear a big crash following with a blood curdling scream. We run into the room and Reagan somehow pulled the 4 1/2 foot dresser completely on top of her.

I immediately swoop her up and cry with her. This has been one of my biggest fears, and it just happened. I have been meaning to get the Dresser Anchors for a while now, but I kept forgetting or BRU didn't have any in stock. I sat with her on the couch and texted a few friends. One of my friends said to check her tummy and to see if it was swollen and/or sensitive to the touch and jumps. Both were happening. I asked her if her tummy was hurting and she said yes. Within 15 minutes of it happening, we were headed to the ER.

We get to the ER, I fill out the slip and we go sit down. There were 2 people in front of us but when the Dr came to look at all the charts, he pulled us and we went straight back. They asked me a bunch of questions and looked at her belly. The Dr said it was a little swollen and could feel Reagan twitch when he touched her belly. She gets her weight, height, vitals and everything else done and then we are immediately put in a room.

The nurse comes in and talks with me along with the Dr. They said that they were going to do an x-ray, contrast ct scan, blood work and a urine sample. By this point, Reagan just wants out of there and is crying. The nurse does Reagan's iv and she is pissed but takes it like a big girl, only a few tears.

The x-ray guy shows up and we do 2 shots and she did so well. She was so tired and just didn't feel well. One of the ct guys came in and gave Reagan a big ass cup of contrast stuff to drink. She was able to drink about half of it. We made a game out of it. We were then being rolled to the scanning room. On the way there, Reagan started vomiting :( She has a very sensitive gag reflex and I think that her tummy was not happy with the amount of stuff she drank because she vomited two more times.

We finally get her calm and laying on the table for the scan. I was able to stay with her and I rubbed her head the whole time. She fell asleep about half way through the procedure. They had her iv line hooked up to the contrast dye and gave her some of that too. When she was done, she was so tired and fell asleep on the way back to her room.

We waited for about an hour for the ct results. If the ct came back good, we were going to go home. If it came back showing blood or anything abnormal, we were going to be transfered to a hospital that deals with Major Trama for surgery asap. Thank god and all of the prayers from friends, her scans came back clean! She just has some abdominal bruising. I was so relieved and thankful. We got home about 1am and she passed out on the couch, so I just snuggled up next to her and passed out too.

Today she is feeling better and has a follow up with her ped tomorrow morning. Her tummy is still soft and still a little tender. I have to feel her tummy every 4 hours and she gets tylenol for the pain. I can not tell you how awful I felt as a parent last night. I am so protective of my children and this had to happen. Please, if you have children, especially climbers, go and get Dresser Anchors. They could save your childs life!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my little girl last night and today. It means so much to me!


Samantha said...

What a blessing that she is ok!

Bethany said...

I am so happy she is ok. I got teary eyed reading all of that. What a scary situation to be in.

Witchy Wyllow said...

OMG! I'm glad to hear that she's ok and nothing really serious happened!

Priscilla said...

So glad that she is okay!