Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Field Trip to the Fire Station!!

Last Wednesday, the kids had their first big field trip of the year! We went to the Fire Station!! DJ was on cloud nine while we were there. When we got there, the fire chief split the class up in two groups.. Boys & Girls. I left DJ with the boys and his teacher, and I followed Reagan. The girls were having so much fun and got so excited when they actually got to sit in the fire truck!! I took lots of pics and then it was the boys turn to come out and the girls went back inside to learn more stuff!

The very first thing I hear when the boys are walking in is "I want to drive the fire truck!" Wanna guess whose child that was??? If you guessed mine, you are absolutely correct... Sheesh! While the boys were being shown around the trucks, one of the moms came up and said "You will never guess what DJ did!" I'm thinking, oh my god what did he break?? {hey, I'm being honest!} She said the fireman asked the boys "What number should you dial in an emergency?"

{Well, let me tell you how proud this momma right here is!!}

She told me that DJ raised his hand and said "991" Everyone kept asking him again, to see if he would switch one of those nines to a one.. So finally, they gave him a marker and told him to write it on the board... He walked up and wrote:


He knew what was up, just a little confused..

I don't remember ever teaching him that, total bad mommy moment, right?! After everyone got to sit in the fire truck and got to look in them, the girls came in and everyone got fire hats and stickers!

We wanted to show the kids that if they were ever in an emergency situation, they shouldn't be afraid of them. So one of the fire fighters started putting on the pants and then the jacket. The chief asked the kids if they thought he was scary, and of course they said no. Once he got the oxygen tank and mask on, some of the kids started scooting back and also looking for a parent. The guy then got on his hands and knees and went to every child and gave them knuckles! Some were hesitant and just smiled and the others were so excited. When he got to Allen, oh boy did he freak out! I had to actually get him out of his stroller and calm him down haha

All of the kids are still talking about how they saw a fire truck and got to sit in them! It's the little things that make children so happy!

This Friday we have a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch!! We are going to the same one we go to every year and the one that I have been going to since I was a baby!!

Just a few pictures!!!


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