Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Funday!!

These past few weekends have been pretty busy with birthdays, baby showers and lunch dates.. And there is no end in sight for at least 3 more weeks. We went to one of the kids preschool friends birthday yesterday at Bounce U! Everyone had a blast, even the parents.. It's a workout for the parents trying to go through all of the obstacles while the kids were racing up them with ease.. That's when you know you're getting old..

Here are some fun pics from the party!
 {DJ & Logan playing with the air gun things..}

{Allen not too sure of all the commotion...}

 {Autumn & Reagan.. Besties!!}

 {Allen wasn't sure of the bounce house..}

 {All of the dads trying to climb this.. The middle was stretchy so it was hard to climb..}

{DJ helping out his buddy!}

{Allen would not let go of that ball.. hahaha}

{Of course, my husband has to act like the biggest kid there..!}

 {Allen Momma & DJ in the background..}

 {Eating cupcakes.. These two were attached at the hip..}

{Birthday Fun!}

{He got to try a little frosting... Wasn't a big fan..}

I am so debating on having DJ & Reagan's party here next year! No clean up and everyone else does the work!! But, we will see ;)


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Bethany said...

That place looks so fun!!!