Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Little Ballerina!

Reagan had her first Ballet Class last night and Loves It!! I mean, seriously loves it! She has been asking to start ballet since we signed DJ up for Tee Ball and I finally found one that will work with our crazy schedule. Dave had to even switch his work schedule so we could get her into this class :) One of her good friends and {DJ's Girlfriend} is also in the class!

Ballerina on the loose in Target!

All ready for her first class!

♥ Reagan & Kaylee are Ballet Besties ♥


She was having so much fun!

Look at that pose!

We are going to see how this session goes and if she wants to keep doing Ballet, then we will get her into a dance school! DJ was so upset that he didn't get to watch Reagan at ballet. He ran errands with Dave and Allen.. When they picked us up, he was asking Reagan to show him what she learned! He is such a sweetheart and they are each their number one fans!

Until next class...


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Jess Gougeon said...

awww! One of the {many} reasons I hope we have a girl someday...
She looks so cute!