Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kids Wish Lists...

So it seems like the kids want every toy that comes on tv.. They always yell out "I want that!" or "Hey Reagan/DJ/Allen wants that!" lol

I told the kids to make me a list or tell me 5 things that they want... And here are their lists..


1. A Super Mario Game like this {he then proceeds to jump up and do a round house kick}
2. A Bike with no Training Wheels {because I am a 5 year old and 5 year olds dont need training wheels}
3. A special Bowser helmet with fire on it.
4. A Bowser Castle Set.
5. Cool New Glasses with Bowser on it.


1. Princess Bike with ribbons on it and a basket on the back to hold my poodle when I ride it.
2. Princess Helmet so I can ride my bike.
3. Dora Christmas Doll.
4. Doc McStuffins Bag with all of the check up stuff.
5. Dora Swimmer

Allen: {DJ & Regs helped by naming off every single character in the universe}

1. Caillou
2. Toys
3. Toy Story
4. Bike
5. Soccer Ball


Here are a few things that we are planning on getting the kids :)


1. Nintendo DS - Blue
2. A few games.
3. A Bike.


1. Disney Princess Ultimate Doll Collection {Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Jasmine & Merida}
2. Princess Bike
3. Doc McStuffins Doll/Check Up Bag


1. Learning Resources Rainbow Color Cones.
2. Strider Bike
3. Learning Blocks/Puzzles/Toys

Now for my list!!!


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