Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Changing!

What a crazy day we had yesterday!!

I got an email from the Founder/Director of my Agency yesterday saying that she was in town and wanted me to join her and a few other Surro's that are in the area for lunch! Of course I said yes! It was really nice to meet other Surro's that are in different stages of their journey's! I absolutely love, love, love my agency and everyone who works there! I had learned so much and cant wait for these next few months to pass!

Other exciting news is on my Surrogacy Blog!!

The kids have today off, so I am thinking of bundling them up and heading to the park! That way they can sleep when I have my International Conference Call! 

The kids made Gingerbread Houses on Friday... I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

Don't Forget.. Just a few more days to enter my 1000th Post Giveaway!!! Make sure you enter!

I also got a new necklace from Western Chic Couture! I absolutely love it and will be doing a giveaway on one of these in a few weeks!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

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