Monday, February 11, 2013

Misc. Monday

Wow, its been a while! I've decided to link up for Misc Monday!! Here is our misc lately...

- Dave took DJ to his first Kings Game last night! He had so much fun and can not stop talking about it! He has been looking forward to this for 2 weeks! He was getting so tired after only an hour. We told him to take a nap before they went, but he didn't want to.. lol

- I am taking Reagan to go see the Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream on Saturday! I have been wanting to take her, but tickets have been so expensive. I found great seats for a great price that I couldn't pass them up! Yesterday we went and picked up her new Rapunzel Dress for the show! I personally have never been to one of these shows, so mama is pretty excited too!!

- All three kids have been to the dentist within the past 2 weeks and NO CAVITIES!! My kids love to brush their teeth and I catch them in the bathroom all the time brushing.. It makes me proud!

- I juiced for 5 days this week and lost 5lbs! I started back up this morning! I have been drinking the Naked Juices and Odwalla Juices. I have so much energy and feel amazing!!

- I am doing the Run or Dye with a friend in March!! I am super excited to do this!! I wanted to do the color run last year, but I didn't sign up in time. Is it bad that I already have my outfit picked out?!?

- We went to Skipolini's for dinner on saturday night with the inlaws.. OMG their pizza and homemade Sangria was pretty amazing!! So amazing, I actually had two!! Definitely going again! They even had a gelato bar! I got the White Chocolate Raspberry and it was heaven!

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