Thursday, February 21, 2013

Play Date: Sacramento Children's Museum!

Since the kids are out of school for the week, we decided to call up some friends and have a play date at the Sacramento Children's Museum! Reagan was so excited to find out that her besties Madeline & Gillian were going to be there!

The kids and I have never been here before but I have always wanted to take them! When we walked in, the kids all took off in different directions.. lol It was pretty busy, so I stayed with Allen. This place was a lot of fun!

Allen loved the water tables! After about 30 minutes, he was ready to move onto a different area. We went over to the Art Room and the kids started to paint! About every 30 minutes, the people who work there hose off the windows and kids can start over! They also got to make fun masks!

Allen was so excited to make crafts with the girls! Such a big kid!

There is a dress up area for the kids and you can be a Dr, Pilot, Police Officer, Mail Carrier, Dentist, Fire Fighter and a few others. DJ decided that he wanted to be a Mail Carrier. Amanda and I would walk around and put the mail in all of the mail boxes and he would go around and get the mail. He did this for a good 45 minutes!

The girls played house and went to the grocery store and shopped for food! They made everyone dinner and then cleaned up.

 Allen was obsessed with these.. He would race all around and grab all of the golf balls.
Here is DJ as a Mail Carrier.. Reagan was sitting in there, but got out before I could get the picture..
Back at the water tables...

Here is our "Six Pack" for the day.. They had an absolute blast!!

We will definitely be heading back to the Children's Museum!


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