Friday, April 22, 2011

Confessions... What?!?


I confess...
I have been eating horribly these past 2 weeks.
Not to mention I have only exercised a handful of times..
*hangs head low*

I confess...
I am half way done with planning DJ and Reagan's "Neverland Party."
I can't wait till the party!
It will be our first combined party!

I confess...
My laundry has not been done in a few days.
Now all of the hampers are full.
Anyone want to take a guess at what I will be doing!?

I confess...
I can't wait for warmer weather.
I will be taking the kids to the park all the time.
Plus the sun cheers me up :)

I confess...
I have until September to lose 60 pounds.
I think I can make that goal.
I need to make that goal...

I confess...
My son has become a Wii Nazi
He will tell you if you are holding the controller wrong
But he can kick some ass in bowling... hahahaha


Wani said...

I love the last one about your son & the Wii - my son is the same way. He thinks he is hard core at the age of five!

VandyJ said...

My seven year old love the Wii. He's better at lots of things than I am. I can still beat him on Just dance though.
Good luck on your laundry--I'm tackling the laundry this weekend myself.

ducknme said...

My son is a DSi nazi. I get in trouble 'cause I still call the stupid thing a Gameboy!

I am also doing laundry. I HATE laundry.

E said...

Laundry sucks! I hate it worse than dishes.
Good luck with the weight loss!