Friday, April 29, 2011

Every Little Girls Dream...

To marry a prince! Well, Kate definitely got her wish!

I caught some of the wedding this morning during Allen's 3am bottle. Her dress was absolutely amazing and breath taking. They seem genuinely in love and it shows on their faces. I feel both envious of her and sad for her. Envious because, well for one she married a prince and will have a lavish life. I feel sad for her because she will no longer have a personal life, can't go anywhere without security and will have eyes on her 24 hours a day just waiting for her to fail. I read somewhere that they are going to try and "Ice Out" her family because they do not want anyone elses voice in her head. That right there is sad.

 The famous kiss. When she walked out onto the balcony, she said "Oh Wow!" I can not believe how many people were there! I love the little girls facial expression, lower left hand side. hehehe

 A lot of people are saying that Kate's style is a lot like Princess Diana's. They are both stunning women.

 The cake looks amazing and very yummy!!

 So I honestly don't get the big hats... Princess Beatrice (R) has the most hideous one there. Some of the hats and flower headbands were very pretty, I just dont get the ugly ones... lol


Laura said...

Kate looked beautiful.

And what IS that on her head in the last picture!? That's just ridiculous.

Sarah Allen said...

Beautiful wedding, beautiful pics.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)