Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 3 Months Mr. Allen!!!

Holy moly, a certain little man is three months old today...

What Mr. Allen is doing...

- He currently weighs 13lbs 9oz and is 25 3/4 inches long. He is going to surpass his big brother pretty soon.

- He is wearing 3 month and 3/6 month clothes. He is very long and starting to fill out more. It's so sad that he can't fit into any of his newborn clothes...

- He drinks 4-6oz around every 4 hours. We are still feeding on demand, but for the past few days it looks like he has put himself into a good routine. We just switched him from Enfamil Infant to Enfamil Prosobee. He has been getting rashes all over his tummy and diaper area. Its not a yeast rash but an irritation/milk based rash. He also has eczema and very sensitive skin... Poor little guy, and its making him constipated.

- He is sleeping from 7pm-10pm, then gets a bottle and then he goes back to sleep from 10:30pm-7am. I love my champ sleeper! The only time he wakes up from this schedule is if he is stuffed up and needs to be suctioned out.

- He loves to smile and laugh. DJ and Reagan are the ones that can really make him laugh hard. I love his belly laughs! He can also talk forever... I have a video of him talking non stop for a good 3 minutes. Its too freaking cute!

- He loves playing on his tummy and rolling around. I put some of his rattles and toys in front of him and he manages to scoot himself to them. He has some seriously strong legs!

- His hands are his best friends... hahaha he never lets those things out of site or out of his mouth. He will often take his hands over his binkie..

- He has Torticollis. He favors his left side and if you look at his pictures, you can tell he is a little sideways. His ped said that if it hasn't corrected itself by his 4 mo check up, he will have to start therapy. We have little exercises his ped gave us to do in the meantime.
- All of his hair is falling out... He is so bald in the back and around his head. My dad said that he is growing a yamaca because that is where he only has hair.. Bahahaha

I love you so much Allen. I am so happy to be called your mommy.

Love always and forever,


Briana said...

My lil' guy has torticollis and plagiocephaly. He'll be getting a helmet soon and hopefully starting therapy (our ped had us doing things at home, but I don't think it's working). We go tomorrow for his 4 month checkup so we'll see what else we find out. Anyways, interesting our cuties both have torticollis. Something in common besides our names...although mine is spelled differently :)

californiadreamin said...

awww, Happy 3 months Mr. Allen!

Jess said...

Happy 3 months! He is so much bigger than Elliot whonis three weeks older, lol. Elliot also had torticollus in the NICU from laying the same way all the time. His physical therapists fixed it though. I hope his rash and constipation clear up soon!
Ps- super super jealous at how well he sleeps!

Breanna said...

Thanks Ladies :)

T B said...

Isabella has torticollis too. She favors the right side. I switched sides of the bed so she slept facing me on the left and when she naps, I turn her head to the left. The doc said to do a lot more tummy time and force her to look to the left when I'm carrying her upright too. It's definitely helped! I hope Allen's clears up soon too! :)