Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Daily Routine..

I'm linking up with Jess over at Here Comes The Sun :) She wants to know what our routines are with our beh behs!

Here is ours :)

Tuesdays & Thursdays we are up at 5am.

5:30am - Mama takes a shower... While everyone is sleeping! {mon, wed, fri}
6:30am - Wake up, drink 4-6 oz, change diaper.
7:00am - Play in the exersaucer till we have to take Big Brother to school.
8:30am - Get back, diaper change and have 6oz bottle then morning nap.
10:00am - 4oz bottle then playtime in the exersaucer, bouncer or floor. Which ever one he likes.
11:45am - Diaper change and Lunch Time! A Veggie and Oatmeal Cereal.
12:30pm - Afternoon Nap.
3:30pm - 6oz bottle. Go and get daddy from work if its a tue or thurs, Or its playtime with brother and sister :)
5:30pm - Get daddy if its wednesday :)
6:30pm - Dinner time! 4oz formula and a Veggie/Oatmeal cereal.
7:00pm - Bath Time. Allen's favorite time of day!
7:30pm - Relax and get ready for bed.
8:30pm - 6oz & Bedtime

Allen usually wakes up at 3am for a few oz and then goes right back to sleep :)


Donna Weaver said...

Ah. Little ones. They consume everything. =D

Jess said...

Thanks for linking up! :) I wish Elliot would sleep longer at night. Maybe if he'd eat more oz at a time!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Here from a blog hop and happy to meet you,
<3, New Follower

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Samantha said...

Love it! So do you mix the veggies with the oatmeal or feed him them seperate? We were wanting to wait until 6 months to introduce any solids but the doctor sugguested we start cereal now.