Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Boudoir Photo Shoot!!

So this year I hit one of my weight loss goals of FIFTY pounds! I wanted to do something for myself and knew that my anniversary was coming up soon.. 

So I decided to get Boudoir Photos done! I also made Dave a 8x8 Photo Book of all the pictures for an anniversary present :)

Here are a few of them!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!! 



KERRY said...

Hey Breanna!
Firstly, I think you are very pretty anyway. But secondly, these pics are stunning! Your eyes are amazing, your hair is beautiful, your headband I love...the pics are very tasteful and you look (and must feel) great!!
Well done on reaching a goal and I am sure your husband was very happy with his gift ;)

californiadreamin said...

Well hello sexy lady! Seriously Breanna, you look stunning, I love how classy these pictures are and that headband is perfect. Is it a normal headband? If so, I never would have thought to put it on the forehead like that - your giving me idea for mine :)

Kelly-Marie said...

So gorgeous x x