Sunday, May 20, 2012

Getting Organic with Gardening!

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I have noticed that I have a big green thumb when it comes to gardening. I love to plant flowers & food but I hate all of the chemicals that are in plant food & soils.Since having Children I am more concerned with the nutritional value my family receives from an organic, locally grown food source, picked at the peak of their freshness, thus further enhancing the nutritional benefits gained.
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I thought I would give Whitney Farms® a try and see what it can do with my fruits and veggies this summer! I have been reading a lot about their organic soil and organic plant food and will be going out this weekend to purchase some for our mini garden! Since Allen has allergies, I am glad there is an organic plant food available.
Organic Plant Food
They have 25+ years of gardening experience and their full line of 100% natural products contain no additives, no artificial ingredients and are designed to help you grow big beautiful flowers and veggies. Each of their organic products have low to no dust, no stinky manure odor, they are easy to appy and since they are 100% natural – made from Earth products – they contain beneficial microbes that provide both micro and macro nutrients you plants need.
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The kids have already decided on what veggies they want to plant! So stay tuned for our Garden Update! Hopefully it looks a lot like this amazing garden!! {not my garden}
If you want to try Whitney Farms®, You can get your very own $3 coupon for your garden! Just click on the link below!
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