Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Farm Fresh To You!

I got my first Farm Fresh To You Box this morning!

Farm Fresh To You is a company/farm that delivers boxes of Organic Fruits, Veggies and Eggs to your door step between the hours of 8pm - 8am. That way you wake up to your amazing goodies!

They harvest a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables from their farm and create several home delivery and office delivery service options for you to choose from. Their Regular Service is the most popular in home deliveries for those who have some time to cook and Mostly Fruit Service is great for those who are always on the run. The produce in each service changes weekly and varies seasonally, but they work with neighboring organic farms to ensure a good variety of produce year round.

You choose the service you would like to receive and the frequency you would like to receive your service. The day you receive you delivery depends on your zip code, and the frequency of your delivery can be weekly, every other week, every third week or even every fourth week delivery.

You can also customize what you want and don't want in your box. For instance, Allen is allergic to oranges, so those are getting cut from the box :) You have 48 hours before your delivery to make any last changes. They also have a lot of great questions & answers in the FAQ section!

We received the Regular Mixed Box and this is what it looked like:

[The outside of the box!}

1 Bundle - Kale
1 - Green Butter Lettuce
1 - Leaf Lettuce

1 Bundle - Celery
1 Bunch - Carrots

1 Bundle - Broccoli

.75lbs - Green Beans

3 Count- Fuji Apples
4 Count - Bartlett Pears

4 Count - Kiwi
1 Count - Pomegranate

I am very excited to try everything and make new dishes with the Kale!

If you are interested in learning about Farm Fresh To You, just click on the link here and use the referral code 6164!

Have a great Wednesday!

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