Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kid Clothes!

I love, love, love shopping for the kids! All of their clothes are so cute!

Just thought I would share a few of the outfits the kids are going to be getting for Christmas {from papa :)}

For Christmas, I picked out some adorable pants & matching tops for Miss. Reagan...

I am in love with the corals/pinks/greens for Reagan! She is so petite and looks too cute in her skinny's! She loves colorful pants too! These will go perfect with her flats or boots that her Gramma got her!

Now for the boys!!!

My dad thought I was absolutely crazy for getting the boys a set of matching pants/tops. I thought it would be cute! hahaha but here are a few items that I picked out for DJ :)

I have seen a lot of kids at DJ's school wearing colored jeans and DJ has always asked for a pair.. So I got these blue jeans for both DJ & Allen! My dad thinks DJ will hate them, but I know he will love them!

Mr. Allen got a lot of the same pants :) I love all of the boy clothing now! I remember when I first had DJ, there were very little to choose from for boys..

Oh I cant wait for christmas morning!!!! They are also getting a few fun toys too!

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