Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wait, What?

I can't believe that christmas is in 2 days.. Where has this year gone?

Both kids had Christmas Parties at school and Allen and I were able to hang at Reagan's party! They had a Pancake Breakfast with Sausage & Fruit! My dad met us there and Reagan loved that Papa went to her school party! I also made Reindeer Food for all of the kids in Reagan's class :)

Friday night Reagan was up all night coughing and crying :( She woke up yesterday morning with a 102.8 fever and was not feeling well at all. All she wanted to do was sleep. I called our Ped's on call # and was able to get her in to see a dr in a different office. When we got there, she kept falling asleep while we waited. When we got into the room, her fever went up to 103.5. Sister was not feeling good at all. They did a Strep Culture on her and it was positive. So she gets to spend christmas with strep :( When we got home, I gave her some meds and then it was back to sleep. I love her cuddles, I just wish she wasn't so sick.

Sister is feeling a little better today. She was actually up and walking around today. Big Bro is starting to cough now.. Hopefully it doesn't get as bad as Sisters! I would like for this vacation to be free of any sick children!

I finally got all of my christmas shopping done. All in one trip! Wahoo! I am ready for all of this madness to be over. We took Allen to go see Santa on tuesday and he just about shit his pants!! He talks about santa all the time and for him to actually see him in person was amazing! Its like he was starstruck! He did NOT want to get off of santas lap! He wanted to stay the whole afternoon with him. After we saw santa, he got to play at the play area in the mall.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!!!


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